Word of the Week: Charm

When I was a little girl I loved to go through my mother's dresser drawers. In the top right one, along with her boar bristle brush and her pink curlers, she kept a powder tin.

It was almost impossible to open with my little hands, but she would tug on the top until it gave and inside was the treasure:

The tin was lined with an old hankie, and her childhood collection of charms.

Don't you love the detail?

I love the Borden cow, Elsie. Not an actual charm, but a pin. Mom's only job outside the home was in her single years when she was a bookkeeper at Borden, Inc. The pin must have been some sort of employee giveaway that she added to her collection later.

Another icon of the time: Popeye.

He's especially charming to me, as my mother would go on to marry a sailor!

For more charming stories, visit Linda Sue.


Caroline said…
This is such a delightful post! Thank you for opening up the lid and allowing us the opportunity to peek inside at your Mother's magical charms!
Pretty Things said…
I am so jealous -- for both the tin (I've started to collect old tins) and the charms (I want to collect those, too!)

Sigh... aren't old things the best?
Linda Sue said…
Oh Laurie! Those little charms are delightful! Especially the pups! What a little treasure to keep! We are kindred, I do believe, button obsession and charm love!
Anairam said…
What a lovely nostalgic collection of charms! We had similar plastic charms (none as nice as your mom's though) when I was a little girl and we played a game called Charms which was a bit like a girly version of marbles. I wasn't very good at it and quickly lost my tiny little collection of charms. (It has occurred to me that growing older I may lose my marbles but I sincerely hope I won't lose my charm ...)
Linda Sue said…
Hey Laurie- would you like to choose a word for next week- post it on Monday for all who want to participate and then on Friday link to those who are? I am pretty sure you have some favorite words in your head just yearning to be illustrated...let me know if you have time for this if not I will choose someone else. thanks.
Veja cecilia said…
what a great story and such nice things that your mother kept! small little treasures!
Nicky Linzey said…
A similar idea in a way, I love those little doggy charms
Micki said…
The story was so nice, and I love the charms!
Lydia said…
Laurie, What fabulous charms- such a treasure. I also have old charms from my family.

PLease come to my blog about my dear friend Jenny from Victorian Vignettes & C/Vignettes Etc.. xo Lydia
Deniz said…
very charming treasure! am amazed by their details- and loooove popey too! (reminds me of my childhood ;) )
see you monday
Christine said…
I can see your tiny fingers feeling each of these charms with bright, sparkling eyes!

Oh this is wonderful! What a great post. I loved seeing those old charms of your mothers.

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