The New Me

So, I spent a couple of hours today updating my blog look, and I'm eager for your feedback!

Do you like it? (I think it's softer and cleaner looking.)

Does it take too long for your computer to load it? I really want to know so I can improve things if that's the case.

Also, a couple of people have told me they're having trouble with leaving comments. Please let me know by emailing me (link on the left sidebar under my profile picture) if that is the case!

I owe this blog makeover to Missie Zee, who posted a tutorial on making over your blog on her blog, Crafting with Cat Hair. She posted it over the summer, and at the time I was so tied up that I told her it would be a while, but I had it on my list. And, look! I finally got around to it!

Thank you so much, Missie!

I still have some more things I want to add, such as buttons along the top, a button of my own about this blog, and maybe one of those fancy progress bar widgets to keep me on track.

As an aside: the reason I have this free time is that my poor bunny Ben has the dreaded swine flu. He got back from his camping trip with it on Sunday and has been home and, literally, in bed ever since!

I'm watching him like a hawk.

Or, like the helicopter mother I completely admit that, in this case, I am!

Meanwhile, I have been catching up on my to-do list and it feels GREAT! Lemonade from lemons. (Or, is that bacon from swine?)

UPDATE: I've switched my comment window to the "pop up" kind, to see if that helps with some folks who have trouble with leaving comments. Please bear with me as we try to work out the kinks!


Spotted Sparrow said…
It looks great and loaded very quickly. Also no problems with comments.
Sandra said…
I just love your brand new look. It is very pretty,such soft colors. It loaded very quickly on my computer and no problems with the comment, either. I hope your little one gets well soon, you take good care of yourself, so you don't get sick.
Melissa said…
Love the new look, especially the handwritten background. It loaded super fast for me and no problem with the comments. I've had a few quirky things happening with my blog lately too. I'm wondering if it isn't Blogger.

P.S. Thanks for the props! :)
Melissa said…
Sorry to hear about your experiences with the swine flu!

Your blog looks fantastic! I'm also planning on revamping mine soon. If only I can find the time...

The first page loaded very quickly. The comment page took a little longer to load, but still loaded in about 5 seconds or so.
Micki said…
It looks wonderful! You did a great job!
Love it!
Christine said…
I like your popup comment box. I prefer these because it's easier to go back to your blog and read more.

I hope been gets better soon and you take care of yourself too.

Anonymous said…
Love the new look, nice and crisp, very inviting. It loaded very fast. I had no problems at all.

I am sorry your family member has the Swine flu, that is super scary. I hope all goes well!

Again the site looks great!

Ann Flowers
Unknown said…
i need to update my blog too...I will have to pay missy a boyfriend got the swine flu knocked him for a loop and was scary stuff! I have never had trouble commenting.....
Your new look is gorgeous! I love the roses.
Pretty Things said…
Like it! Isn't it funny, I went from nice and clean to WOAH. Still not sure what I think of mine!

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