Carpe Diem!

Today, I took the word of the week, Carpe Diem, to heart. I didn't have to go into work, and had gotten pretty quickly through my to-do list, so, even though no one ever wants to go with me, I went to the pool to swim laps. By myself.

It's always difficult for me to get myself over to the pool -- but once there, I enjoy it so much.

It's great exercise and I'm getting quite good (and fast) since I've been swimming so faithfully this year. Once I get out of the pool, I feel like an Olympian (move over, Michael.) Yeah, it feels that good.

Moving from California to Colorado has made us great believers in this day-seizing. With weather so often unfit for human endurance, we've learned to get outside when the getting's good.

That means today, after our week of snow, freezing rain, and hard frost, with the sun out and temperatures back up to where we should be in September, we need to get out and enjoy it.

We took the dogs out to run wild in the forest.

Maggie says, "Carpe Diem!"

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barb cabot said…
What a wonderful thing to do! The countryside and the pool photo look so refreshing and invigorating. A nice thing for us all to remember, "Carpe Diem" indeed! Good for you Laurie!
Line said…
this post is great I love to see how others feel about life and carpe diem. wow going for a swim is a wonderful way to be in the moment, all these pictures are lovely too, thanks too you!
"weather unfit for human endurance" :)
i guess people living in harsh countries might be able to seize the moment more easily...
great interpretation!
Nicky Linzey said…
Those dogs are having a great time!
Pretty Things said…
Good for you!

It's always such a pain for me to get in and out of the wet swim suit, dry the hair, etc etc etc, and get a wet kid all dried off, too. But once I'm in, it's fun.

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