Take a look at some of the sweetness I've received in the mail lately:
This twine on a lovely old wooden spool was a gift from Hope to celebrate 200 posts on her blog!
This sweet little pink box was a little surprise from LuLu, another button lover!
LuLu has recently discovered my other blog, Button Floozies!
And I've loved receiving cards and notes from so many of you, to cheer me after my recent loss.  It means the world to me -- you have no idea.  Thank you.
I wanted to show you some of the unique antique wallpaper I was lucky enough to find at a recent estate sale.  The sellers had an inkling of its value, so I didn't get it for cheap -- but isn't it wonderful?!  It has a great texture and is quite delicate.  I'm selling a large roll of it in my Etsy shop.
Then this one: it's scenes from what looks to me like a New England coastal village.  I love the little boats!  Jeanelle mentioned that you hardly ever see old wallpaper that's really masculine.  A big roll of this is also for sale in my shop.
Last weekend I visited an auction that was way out in the country, on a farm.  It was a blazing hot day, and there was no AC in that big old barn!  But it was a fun time.
Isn't this little stove adorable?  It was in such great condition, too.  It sold for $600 -- I have no idea if that's a good price or not.
This, though, was the sweetest moment: I noticed that a fez was up for auction and no one was bidding.  Remembering that Ben wanted a fez ever since one of his favorite TV characters, Dr. Who, has taken to wearing one, I snatched it up for the minimum bid of $10.  It came with its own round leather hatbox, and then we found a pretty fantastic brooch in the box, too!  Ben is in fez heaven!
Honestly, I think my Ben wears it better, don't you?


LuLu Kellogg said…
Yes, Ben definitely wears it better. Do you know I have a Ben too? My only son's name is Ben :)

Thank you for posting about the wee buttons I sent you!! I am so happy you liked them!

Keeping fingers crossed that this Hurricane doesn't wreak much havoc here!!!

HI! I'm Tabitha said…
wow you scored with buttons and hopes giveaway.... lucky girl
GardenOfDaisies said…
What wonderful gifts! You have such sweet friends!
Lisa said…
I have to agree with LuLu, Ben has a cuter Fez Head! Looking at that cool wallpaper made me remember back 100 years ago when I'd visit my cousins. The boys had wallpaper that had boys camping on it. I don't see boy style wallpaper often either.
I am absolutly in LOVE with the lampshade you made a few posts back. Wow Laurie, that is too cool.
PS Happy to hear your husbands job situation is better.
Becs said…
What a cute stove! Those buttons are cool. I just got some too. I wish I knew how to tell about them. That Fez looks like the one my dad used to have. He was a Shriner and they wore those. A Masonic mason thing. Looks cute on Ben. Hope your weeks are getting better. Becs
Linda Sue said…
You get the coolest stuff in the post...I am suspicious of you and the mail man....
Suz said…
Such cool stuff, Laurie!!! You are such a lucky gal!
Hope said…
Ben looks way better!! I love auctions....the price was good on the stove! We have an adorable pale blue cook stove like that in our party barn. We actually use it and burn wood in it. I have only kept food warm on it....but would love to make a cake or something.

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