My shabby lampshade

I bought a very beautiful but very plain, vintage silk lampshade at the thrift store a while back:
As you can see, it had a couple of tears on the inside and was a bit discolored from age.  I decided that I wanted to re-cover it, and have been working on it for about a week.  I just chose some vintage fabrics that I've had, cut it into rectangles, and began sewing it on by hand to the shade.
After I got all the fabric sewn on , I embellished it with vintage doilies and needlework.

For every other rectangular panel, I used the same vintage-look Martha Stewart floral fabric.
Over the whole lampshade, I trimmed the top and bottom with vintage lace, and sewed vintage floral trim in between each panel.
I'm very happy with how it came out!  It is now a fixture in my blue-and-white master bedroom!


Kathy said…
Beautiful project. I love your use of the old fabrics and trims!
Tami Hacker said…
I love your lamp shade! You did beautiful work on selecting the fabrics & trim and your needlework is awesome! I'm envious (in a good
LuLu Kellogg said…
Beautiful job Laurie!

Truly beautiful! I love the things you create.
Tammy said…
Your lampshade turned out fabulous!
Marion said…
Laurie, it looks amazing! I have one I've been needing to redo and you've inspired me to get busy. Thanks!
Lorraine said…
What a beautiful result of your craftiness! I love that lamp stand too.
Becs said…
Love it Laurie. And that chair is gorgeous!!
Jingle said…
This is beautiful!
Linda Sue said…
Very pretty Laurie! I hve had ideas sort of along this line but never get around to it...thought I would felt some shade-but never get around to it ...I hope that you are well...thinking of you- always!
Angela said…
SO pretty! Great job!
And I see a quilt that I hope you've been snuggling with... :o) (Ok, maybe not so much in summer, but...!)
Oh my goodness, that is the coolest! And how perfect is the lamp base for that shade?

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