Thrifty Thursday!

It's been a little while since I showed you some of my thrifty finds.  That's mostly because I haven't been doing too much thrifting lately!  This week has been taken up by getting Ben back to school, as a high school freshman.  It's hard getting used to the new schedule.
But; I have managed to get out a few times, and although I'm trying NOT to buy a lot until I get my current stock sold off -- I have found a few things I couldn't pass up.  
A lot of this has now been listed in my Etsy shop.
This children's record, Little Toot, is by Walt Disney's "Melody Time" and is Bozo the Clown approved!  I thought it would look cute framed;
for the same reason, I bought this little Lincoln Unbreakable Record (it's red!) that is made up of children's songs, such as To Market, To Market and The Gingerbread Man, plus many more.
I am completely enthralled with this artist I've just discovered, named Alfons Walde, who painted many scenes of his home in Austria;
this one is from the 1950s, is printed on textured paper, and still wonderfully framed.  I can't bear to sell it because I love the snow scene so well!
I have, though, put this guy up for sale; it's a mustache cup with a great image and the color!  I love the colors!
When I was cutting fringe in a recent craft class, I first saw scissors like this, which cut the task dramatically (pun intended.)
So when I saw a pair at the thrift shop for a song, I had to get them!
If you know me, you know I cannot pass up a button card like this!  Love the color, love the birds, love the buttons!
Then, I visited a brand new thrift store in my town for the first time, and walked out with these beautiful rhinestone pieces: necklace in perfect condition ($4) and earrings ($2).
An iconic Buffalo Bill ashtray; I find these souvenir pieces sell well!
And what would one of my posts be without antique or vintage china...I ask you?
And the little hankie in back of it was irresistible, too!
I couldn't leave this one behind because of the colors...
especially the blue stripey trim and the little flower on the handle!
The embossed edges get me every time.
Yes, it's Wedgewood.
Spode -- I adore the look of these dishes.
Okay -- I think I'm all caught up with showing you the fun stuff!  Thanks for looking!

I'm thinking about starting my own Thrifty Finds kind of blog party, weekly.  What do you think?  If I did it, would you play?  Post a thrifty find and link up here?
Let me know; I'm taking a poll!

Playing along here today: 

The Thrifty Groove


Dee in N.H. said…
I love your stuff! I wouldn't participate because I don't have a blog. Still too intimidated by it all.
Marion said…
What amazing finds! It's hard to believe school is starting here in a week.

I love the rhinestone jewelry and the china. I've been collecting some Homer Laughlin dishes and am going nuts trying to find some plates marked USA with pink roses. I saw a few at Etsy, but they sold. They have realistic pink roses with leaves on them and some pale blue baby's breath. If you happen to see any, please let me know. Happy Hunting!!! xo
So many wonderful things! Those rhinestones were quite the bargain, and all the china is lovely.

I would probably do a thrifty link. Maybe that would get me into our thrift stores more often so I'd not miss all the nicer items!
bernie said…
If I can figure out how to link I think I would join. I love, love, love your thrift store finds, especially the rhinestone jewelry, and the china, and the painting and the children's book(?) and the buttons and . . . . :)Bernie
Pretty impressive graphic on the mug! Good find!
Kathy said…
Oh.My.Gosh! These are great finds! That button card is just, well, the BEST!! As for the poll, yes, I would play.
Unknown said…
Looove that necklace and earrings! Can't believe the price! I've started using my vast mixed China collection. I has sat so long in the Cabinet looking pretty and I figure someone who loves it might as well use it. I would totally participate in a link up. Some of my Fav. gals who host them tend to take time off during the summer, or seem to struggle for direction. You seem to know exactly where you want to go - so sign me up! Have a great Weekend!
Tami Hacker said…
What a find on those fringing scissors! Your other treasures are beauties.

Hope Ben has a great freshman year!

I'd love to share in your Thrift find
I love it all but especially the Alfons Walde picture.
Hi Laurie! What an incredible haul girl!!!!! I love, LOVE the jewelry...and you are so not going to believe this, I grew up with that Little Toot mom played it all the time for me! I'm so glad you commented on my blog so I could find YOU! I hope you have a great weekend...stay cool! hugs and love, Dawn
Hope said…
Hi Laurie,
Yes, please don't post Thrifty Thursday Finds anymore... you make me drool! Maybe I should just come visit and shop with you! Can't believe Ben started school already!
Ragamuffin Gal said…
Fabulous finds ~ the china reminds me of our local cupcake shoppe which had all kinds of china on the wall ~ very sweet and charming! Blessings!
Anonymous said…
Fun, fun, fun finds! I am always drawn to the vintage children's books; the illustrations are just charming. Of course those buttons would have caught my eye, too. The button card is so sweet. I, too, am drawn to the embossed edges of china patterns. You found some really beautiful pieces!

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