Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new venture

If you've been a blog friend of mine for any length of time, then you know about my love affair with buttons!
I love to learn about them, hunt for them at flea markets and thrift stores, collect them, craft with them, but most of all, just admire them!
Do you remember how excited I was about a year and a half ago to become a contributing member of the blog Button Floozies?  Well...a few days ago I was offered the opportunity to become the new owner of that blog!
I'm really thrilled!  Button Floozies is a popular blog, and all the contributors (100 of them!) are button lovers like me!
I have plans to get more fun, interactive things going on the blog -- like challenges, swaps, and linky parties!  I also hope to open up the blog to more contributors as spaces open up -- and soon!
I know that so many of my blog friends are also button lovers -- so, what you waiting for?  Join me over at Button Floozies, and get in on all the fun!


Tamatha said...

Congratulations! That sounds so exciting! I'll have to visit the blog and learn some more about button collecting.

Kathy said...

Congratulations!! How exciting! I didn't even know about that blog until I read this post. I'm on my way now......

andrea creates said...

i'm a fellow contributor-can't wait to see what you have planned :)

Angela said...

Congratulations, Laurie! How *you*! I had a peek at the other blog, will need to follow you there, too! :o)

Mina said...

A huge congratulations to you, Laurie! How wonderful.