Pretty things

Thank you for your sweet comments and support about the loss of Michelle.  I appreciate them more than you can know.  Remember to cherish your friends.  (I know you do.)

In an attempt to be cheery, I thought I would show you some pretty things.  First, a few more lovely birdsong tags:
This absolutely charming and sweet tag is by the lovely and talented Lisa Stanton.  I wish this photo had done it justice.  It is perfection.

Here's the front and back of this wonderful monochromatic tag by Terri Wilkerson.  I love all the details (like fringing that great toile fabric!)
Terri also sent this precious tag; the ribbon detail on the bottom makes me squeal...
and here's the back, with even more beautiful ribbon and lace detail!
I just love stuff like this!

I have finished my Grandma's Attic Matchbox swap and sent it off in the mail; as soon as my partner receives it I will show you.

And, here's a very special buy I made a couple of weeks ago at an auction.  Now that I've taken the plunge into the world of auctioning, I am hooked on the bargains available.  It's work, and it's time consuming, but sometimes you get stuff like this:
The china in this photo is called Turquoise Cameo, by Minton.  If you are a china lover like me, you might know that Minton is a fine English brand.
This china is has hand-painted, raised floral designs on each dish.  It is more aqua in real life than it appears in these photos.
I bought this whole set at auction for $55.  I almost got it for $10 because no one wanted it; then, another guy started bidding on it, but gave up at $50.
It includes 16 dinner plates, 11 cup/saucer sets, 4 more cups without a saucer, 12 bread plates, and 12 dessert plates.
Plus, this lovely large platter.
I researched its value online, and learned that the set I bought sells used for $1,984.  (That large platter alone is $200.)
I put some of the china out to admire it, setting the table with some of my finest antique table linens.
This is one of the pieces I took to Antiques Roadshow; the cloth and napkins were done by hand in Portugal near the beginning of the 20th century.
It was a gift from my elderly friend, who knew how much I loved antique linens.

I could look at it all day.


Angela said…
Your dishes are beautiful, and also the linens.
BeckyKay said…
Those dishes are gorgeous! Great buy!
Lorraine said…
What a great find. The dishes are lovely on that beautiful antique linen. A perfect setting.
Kathy said…
Oh.My.Gosh! Beautiful finds. I have not ventured into the auctions yet so bravo to you!!!
Angela said…
The dishes look so delicate!
Love all the Bird Song tags! You are all so creative!
Shane Pollard said…
Hi Laurie
Terri's tags are exquisite - treasures to keep!!

I was in the swap too so so pop into my blog if you want to see!
I'll even get out myprettiest teacups and make you very welcome!!

Love that blue Minton china.
I've got a similar one though it's Royal Doulton 'Rose Elegance'. I used to only use it on special occasions but I'm getting it out whenever friends come over now - no good hiding in the cupboard,

Love your blog - I'll be back.
Shane :))
Lisa said…
I love those tags! I'm sorry I missed the BS Tag swap cuz I have seen some amazing tags around blogland.
I'm in awe of your auction score! 50~ crazy!!! I've never been to one. Maybe theres a reason, I'm sure I'd become an addict.
PS Did you say Antiques Roadshow?
Anonymous said…
Such beautiful tags and that China...OMG! Gorgeous!

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