End of August

Since mid-month I've been thinking, The best thing this month can do is end.  Yesterday, thanks to my buddy Rebecca, I spent the better part of the day here:
It was like a mini-vacation.  I like to lay by the pool in my community, but this club she belongs to has a real "resort" feel at mid-day on a hot Tuesday.  I'm slowly beginning to come back to myself after what has been a really trying few weeks.
The other day, I managed to finish up a journal I'd begun months ago.
I especially like the back cover (above.)
It's filled with the usual...
and playful touches.
It's available now in my handmade Etsy shop.
I'm looking forward to something tomorrow night: I'm planning to attend Jeanne Oliver's Summer Soiree; she lives about an hour north of me is and such a sweet, fun person as you may know if you've ever taken a class from her or even if you just read her blog!  What should I wear?
How about this?  (Wink!)
(See?  I'm beginning to feel better.)


Unknown said…
Love the journal..hmmm. how come i can't seem to finish mine? Maybe my 3 year old? Tell me boys get easier please. Definately wear the skirt, just to feel so fun! I have wanted to have an end of summer party like Jeannes ever since I saw her write about it last year...Irene may have put a slight damper on that! but maybe we can clean our yard up fast enough to still pull it off! Why is it all the creative ladies seem to reside in CO? Tell me what is in the water there, better yet send me a bottle!
Hope you have a great time and I'm with you - Goodbye August!
Tami Hacker said…
By all means wear your blue tutu to your soiree!

Totally love your journal, especially its front cover!

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