Anatomy of grab bag

I have posted before about those grab bags you find at the thrift stores, and how much I enjoy grabbing one indeed.  They can look so completely un-interesting, and are often so packed full of junk that you can't really see what's in there.
For me, it's kind of like those shows where people bid on storage sheds: the fun is in finding a hidden treasure!
In this case, I did see through the bag that there was that little red plastic container of pretty, sparkly buttons that I wanted!  So, I decided it would be worth the $4.99 splurge.
Here are the contents all spread out.  I really love vintage sewing stuff, but this was clearly a lot of junk.
In fact, from that big pile, this smaller selection is the only stuff that I felt was truly worth keeping: wooden spools of lovely silk thread, including that huge one, a brand new white zipper, beeswax for needles...
I happen to love the little plastic containers, and interesting little tubes like the one on the right.  All the better if they are full of pretty buttons, like this one!  There were many more in there than I had thought: bonus!
And then I saw these little snakeskin buttons; I do believe it's authentic snake (or other reptile) skin!
But here was the big suprise:
A sweet little hand made silver thimble!

Go see all the other fun thrifty finds at Coastal Charm!


I always buy those treasure bags! they are so much fun for me to dig through and see all the treasures.

The Joyful Thrifter
GardenOfDaisies said…
You just never know what you're gonna find in a bag like that, but almost always things worth keeping! A couple of years ago, when my MIL moved from her home into an assisted living apartment , my two SIL's went through all her closets and started tossing stuff right and left. I went through the things they decided to trash and pulled a few things out, including a huge plastic bag of sewing notions and buttons. I took it home and sorted it all out and found about 20 wooden spools of thread, and enough beautiful vintage buttons to fill an entire jar. Those things now grace the shelves in my sewing area. I know it takes longer, but I think you should look and see what's inside before you throw things out. (Neither of my SIL's sew, so they did not see value in those things.)
Kathy said…
I call them "poke sacks" and they are my big weakness. That is how I accidently ended up collecting pins and needles - LOL! Those rhinestone buttons and the thimble are SWEET finds!
Hope said…
oooooh....I don't know of a thrift store around here that has 'treat' bags.....but yours is awesome. I just adore that sweet thimble!
Cindy said…
What a sweeeet score you made with that bag! I love the buttons and I love the thimble.

Hugs XX
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
ohhh laurie your rhinestone buttons are a true find.... they are fabulous....
Anonymous said…
Oh goodness! I think I heard you squeal when you opened this bag. ;-) I know you would have heard me. Wonderful find!
Oh, oh, oh that is definitely my kind of grab bag! Cool stuff! Love the bling on those buttons as well as the wooden spools and the thimbles.
Beth buys boxes at auctions, and its so fun to see what is in them. She compares it to the cost of a magazine and the fun of looking through one. I'm too cheap to buy something if I'm not sure what it is, but she always does well with her boxes, there always seems to be some hidden treasure that is worth more than the price, like your rhinestone buttons and the thimble.

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