I came, I saw, I bought!

I finally made it to one of the Horseshoe Markets in Denver Saturday!  It was more fun that I even expected, and I found some fabulous things that were all incredible deals!
It was a gorgeous but HOT day, and by the time I'd been there about 3 hours I was about to have sunstroke, despite my umbrella to shield me, drinking a lot, and all the other precautions I took!  Oh, the things we do for vintage.
The first person I saw when I got there was Amy, the owner of Pink Attic Cat, a Littleton vintage store I've blogged about before.  She graciously allowed me to take these photos of her fabulous booth:
She always has the most wonderful junque!  Can you see that big round pink thermos on top of the wonderful chippy cabinet?
I love that little quilt, and check out the metal lunchboxes behind the large spool -- Jr. Miss -- I had never seen one before and yet I saw five of those at this market!
 Such great displays...
everything I love...
tons of ephemera...
and fab furniture, like this green painted vanity (swoon!)
They had flavored ice teas, freshly-made cookie and ice cream "sandwiches", sweet potato tater tots, and a tiki lounge making "mock"tails...but, that truck above is not a food truck...it's a Letterpress Truck!  You could buy blank cards, then step onto the truck which housed a letterpress, choose your designs and do it yourself (with help!)   So cool!
Another thing that was so cool was the neighborhood it was in, which I'd never been to before.  It reminded me so much of the older neighborhoods in the bay area.  I kept forgetting I was still in Colorado!  Such an artsy, easy groove there!  And all of the vendors were SO FRIENDLY.  I want to move to Denver.
So, of course I had to have one of those little Jr. Miss lunchboxes -- I can't wait until the next time I have to "brown bag"!

Pink Attic Cat's Amy was giving away goodies, so when I purchased a bunch of stuff from her booth, I got to pick a gift; this little charm made from vintage pencil and eraser labels!  I lurve it!
Millinery and seed labels...
How yummy is this little grape cluster - made from pearly globes?
More luscious millinery flowers, and a handwritten letter from the 1930s.
 Buttons, LuLu!
 And wonderful old fabrics!
I can't seem to pass up anything in this color these days!
I was so excited to see a couple of friends at the market (I had gone all on my own): the ephemera above, as well as that great barkcloth fabric with the Gone-With-the-Wind-like scene and some of the buttons, were from Amy's booth.  I had never met her in person, so that was a real treat!  I also saw Jeanne Oliver, who had a booth there.  I really wanted to get back over to their booths and take photos to show you -- especially Jeanne's because she had a discount for her blog friends and I wanted an antique calendar page thing she had -- but did I mention it was SO HOT?  By the time I'd finished shopping, I couldn't stand the heat anymore -- I had to walk on shaky legs back to my car and sit in the air conditioning a while before I could drive, even.
I've been wanting some original vintage popcorn bags, and these were a bargain; as was this wonderful old tray that I'm planning to use as a noteboard!
But, girls, this was the Coup d'Etat!  A gorgeous, fluffy, three layer, lacy, crinoline-like slip!  I have been wanting one of these FOR.EVER!  Oh my, I was the happiest of campers!
 I'm excited to be linking in with Flea Market Finds -- it's been a while!


Marion said…
OMG, I adore that green vanity, too. And your pretty crinoline would make Scarlett O'Hara her own self envious! I'd have broke the bank at that place. I'm so envious of your fab finds. Thanks for sharing!!!! xo
Tami Hacker said…
Laurie, I have to come play with you! You find the best treasures and places to shop. Can I come play?

The absolute best is your crinoline slip - you should wear it out!
What a fun blog you have!! I see so many wonderful treasures in your photos! Have a great day!
LuLu Kellogg said…
Eeeeeeeeeeek! Those buttons are so yummy!!! You know how much I love buttons too!

What great finds you got too and that crinoline slip...to die 4!!!

Happy Sunday!
So many fun things, but I do love that blue slip! It's so nice to know others who are as crazy for buttons and ribbon and lace and other vintage goodies. Congrats on your successful day, but watch out for that heat!
Anonymous said…
What a super fun place to spend the day shopping! Thanks so much for sharing so we could enjoy the beautiful sights, too.

Wow, you found some goodies! The buttons, fabric, lunchbox, paper things = Sweet!

Now you just need your Scarlett O'Hara dress to wear over your crinoline slip and a little sweet tea to sip.
SO MUCH Vintagey JOY! Love the crinoline. And the fabric. And the.. well, all of it! Just to let you know - I attempted to answer your comment at DearHelenHartman.com today and linked to this blog. Thanks for the post inspiration.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I wish we had places like that over here, great finds!
Kathy said…
Oh, what a fun day (minus the heat) - bravo to you for pressing on. I don't do heat very well. I kind of, well, whine...
Love that frilly slip. That alone would be worth the effort!
Oh wow that looked like a brilliant day! I want to find a slip like that one day!

E :)
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Oh my! Looks like that was a fantastic time of junk shoppin and the treasures are wonderful.
I love that little lunch box, adorable.
Thanks for stopping by my treasures post. I love my beautiful lace.
Have a great week.
BeckyKay said…
Oh my goodness!! What fabulous finds! The lunchbox and the tray are definitely my favorites, but it was hard to choose!!

Great booth pictures, too. I'm going to have to "pin" those for inspiration!

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