What was that noise?

Was it...bird song?
Isn't this tag beautiful?  Some of my friends who also did the Birdsong Tagbook Swap and I are privately exchanging our "extra" tags we made.  This one is from Tami!
It's every bit as pretty on the reverse, isn't it?
And, I've made a few more.
(I know.  I can't seem to stop.)
I'm keeping this one, my favorite; the little French words, leftover from Mary's August Challenge, say "I love" and "the air"; so, my little crowned bird is saying, "I love the air!"  
 And I'm sure she does.
I found some vintage millinery picks -- those wired white beaded "leaves", which are handmade -- at an antique store the other day.  I bought them all!  I'm going to sell my extras, so email me if you are interested!
These tags are now available in Twice Shy Restored, my handmade Etsy shop!
Just click on the photo to go to the listing if interested!


andrea creates said…
these are all really pretty!
Suz said…
Yup. Just love.
Linda Sue said…
Oh Laurie- you put things together so beautifully- Your home must be a fantasy land of beautiful little here and there's...
Must counteract the testosterone living there and you do it so nicely!!
Michele said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Love your bird tags. The tags are addicting to make, I know.
Thanks for stopping by my bird song post.
Have a great weekend.

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