Creative bloggers make wonderful friends

I met Tami of Vintage Connections at Karla's Birdsong event, and we found we have a lot in common as we are both active in our respective button clubs.  We've kept in touch online, talking about buttons and tags and blogs and such, and then she ended up winning my 300 Followers/600 Posts Celebration Giveaway!  Well -- just the other day I got a surprise in the mail from Tami.  When I opened the box, inside was this scarf-wrapped bundle:
And when I untied the bundle, I found...
a card, a blank chipboard book, and something wrapped in bubble wrap!
The card is just beautiful, and it was made by Tami; see how talented she is with paper?
The wonderfully plate-shaped package was exactly that: a vintage plate.  And I make no secret of how much I love those!
It's a floral design in taupe, and I don't have anything like it.  Isn't it lovely?
Here's a photo of Tami and I together in Karla's garden; I am so blessed by the friendships I have made through this blog with other creative women!


Ana Márquez said…
You have a great blog full of beautiful and lovely little things :-) Congratulations. Hugs!
Suz said…
That is a beautiful plate. I totally understand your feelings about blog friends and art retreat friends. They share our sometimes "quirky" interests (in that sometimes OTHERS think they are quirky!) and they are usually such kind and generous people. My blog friends are one of my favorite treasures.
Anonymous said…
I was at an auction sale this past weekend. They had at least 20 different jars at least a gallon each of all sorts of buttons. You would have loved it.
Karen G
Tami Hacker said…

We are indeed kindred souls... I am blessed by our new friendship and am excited about the lifetime friendship ahead of us! Hugs, Tami
Anonymous said…
What a sweet surprise! So cleverly wrapped, too.
Love that plate!! Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
How wonderful when we meet kindred spirits in the blog world! Your treasures are beautiful.


Anonymous said…
It's so true....we make so many connections here!
I've just joined your blog and I hope you'll visit mine.

Ciao Bella!

Scarlett said…
Blogland is amazing and full of fabulous people. What a lovely parcel you received! Scarlett x

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