Love-ly Cuff

I always keep a handwork project going for those times I'm taxi-ing my son son around and waiting for him at appointments.  I've just finished my latest:
This lovely cuff bracelet is one of Charlotte Lyon's designs.  I was lucky enough to take a class with Charlotte at Silver Bella, and love her style.   This particular cuff project was a gift from my buddy Jeanelle.
When I finished all the embroidery, I backed the cuff with wide, vintage cotton seam binding.  Then I stitched two cute flower buttons onto one side and some pretty vintage lace on the other.  To close the cuff, I tied the lace around the button in big bows.  I think it's adorable!

Yesterday I finally began working on my Birdsong Swap tags!  I am almost completely finished with those, and then I'll be ready to show you!

What have you been working on?  Let me know -- every comment counts towards entry in my 300 Follower/600 Posts Celebration Giveaway!


andrea creates said…
what a pretty cuff!
i've been working on some padded keychain/zipper pouches :)
Unknown said…
That cuff is adorable!
Anonymous said…
That is a.dorable, Laurie!!
Unknown said…
Beautiful cuff, Laurie! Charlotte Lyons is wonderful, isn't she?

Just mailed off my bird tags this morning. I gotta admit that I really just duplicated my Birdsong Journal Page and added a few little embellishments. Does that make me a slacker crafter?
Suz said…
Great cuff. I have yet to make one. I can't wait to see all of those birdsong tags. That was one i was really sorry to miss but I know that seeing all of your lovelies will make up for it ;-)
Cindy said…
Charlotte Lyons is terrific isn't she? I love your cuff though, you've just done an amazing job! I've been working on my gourd art. Life is good.

Hugs XX
Tammy said…
Love how your cuff turned out! I have the same one, but haven't done anything with it yet.
Charlotte's classes were my favorites!
I did not know that you were from the Bay Area. I lived there when I was a child. My Father is from San Carlos and I have lived there,and in Redwood City, Palo Alto, and San Jose. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and catching up on your vintage finds and your wonderful 4th of July photos. I am hosting a giveaway right now and a swap. Would love to have you participate in the Vintage Christmas in July swap. You are such a good partner. If you want to just let me know, but do check out thegiveaway and the swap rules on my blog.
Anonymous said…
This cuff is even more lovely in person! You did a great job!
Love the cuff!

I'm working on BirdSong tags for the swap myself. And trying to get my studio clean for the Where Bloggers Create party. Is your's still clean or have yo messed it all up again? LOL

The vintage ephemera swap looked like so much fun...wish I had gotten in on that one. Are you doing The Vintage Dragonfly's Grandma's Attic matchbox swap. That one should be a fun one too!
charlotte said…
fantastic, Laurie! well done!

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