Where Bloggers Create: My Space

Welcome to everyone who's visiting for Where Bloggers Create today!
I'm happy to show you my craft room, which is located above the garage, with a lovely view out the window of Pikes Peak.
I've always wanted to have a dedicated room for my art, and, even though it's not as fancy as many of the rooms I've seen online, it's mine and I love it!  I painted a fancy block design on one accent wall, and decorated with pinks accented with brown.
Here's where I sit and do paper crafts; right now, the table is covered with stuff for the Birdsong Tag Swap I was working on!
Across from the desk is another small desk that I use for sewing.  I have a simple Brother sewing machine that I enjoy using for the pillows I sell in my handmade shop.
I really love this desk because it has the cute little shelves on the side that I can use to display little trinkets.
 Below it, I have a box from my hometown of San Francisco filled with favorite linens to rifle through!
Above the desk are shelves filled with material and linens for future projects.
To the left of the desk are bins that I have organized and FILLED with paper ephemera and other elements for my paper art.
This system really works for me.
A girl can never have enough bling!
I love using vintage images and lace in my art.
Did you notice Will over there in the corner?  He's a piece of salvaged architecture I bought at an estate sale.  Since my first love is writing, I consider him a muse!
In this corner I've set up a little photography station to prepare listings for my vintage shop; the drawers hold backdrops, notebook, scale, measuring tape, etc.
A little holder for rolls of vintage wallpaper, and, to the right, a display of fun stuff.
The shelving and drawers on the long wall came from The Container Store.  On the shelves up top -- lots of buttons in jars!
If you peek inside, you can really see my passion for vintage ribbon, trim...
In the corner, more storage bins and, hung on the wall, an inspiration board!
Here's a closer look at some of my button-sorting tactics...I love old divided dishes!
Here is a pile of trims that still need to be gone through and distributed into storage.
Then, there's the closet.  More storage, this time for vintage items listed in Indulge Your Shelf!
I just have to show you my little wall of fame, ha ha.  It's "winner" certificates from novels I wrote three different Novembers during National Novel Writing Month -- all unpublished.  I've had magazine articles published, and write about Antique and Thrift Shopping for examiner.com, but no published novels.  Yet.
Last but not least, I had to show you my dress form.
She's as yet unnamed, so if you are inspired with one, be sure to let me know!
There you have it!  Thank you so much for visiting.
And here's an open invitation to you to come by and craft with me -- anytime!


Breana said…
Great space! Love the view and all the bling and embellishments. Thanks for sharing!
Dee in N.H. said…
Great space! Lot's of inspirational stuff! Not sure why but as soon as I saw your pretty dress form the name Sadie jumped out at me.
Jane said…
You have a wonderful space and very organized!! You are a girl after my heart with all of your vintage laces and trims!!
Tammy said…
So many great treasures! You have an amazing collection of vintage laces, ribbons and buttons!
Anonymous said…
Laurie! I didn't know you were a fellow-NaNoWriMo-ian!!! I have the shirts to prove it. :-)
Unknown said…
Not as big? But it is yours! It make you Happy! Bigger isn't always better, it's quality right?;-)I have a corner in a small room I share with my husbands desk - which he only sits at to use his computer. But he HAS to have to feel like he has equal space....One day I'll get a room all of my own. Great job at organizing...I need to go get something done in my "Pile" after seeing this!
Laurie your space looks so organized and so perfect for creative thoughts. What is most important in anyone's creative space is that you love your surroundings. Like I said about my space is that I don't have to please anyone else but me! Later Friend
Pretty Things said…
HI!!!!! You know me (I hope you remember me, anyway!) OK, first of all, hand over the bling and no one gets hurt. And you know how much I LOVE what you do with altered art, paper, all of it. I have NO talent for it but love it so much it hurts.

I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...

marie said…
You have a great space and an awesome view!! Your space is filled to the brim with things that make you happy ~ I love that.

Your bird tags are pretty...I'm doing that swap too.
marie said…
It's me again! I forgot to mention that I love the name of your blog and that I think Will is wonderful!
Jingle said…
LOL! I was just looking at your tags in the swap gallery thinking, wow, those are really beautiful and then your blog was next in my reader and there they were again! Gorgeous work!
Anonymous said…
Your little bird tags are so pretty :D and I absolutely love the drawers that you have for organization, I'll have to pick some of those up! :) Thanks for sharing!

RedBettySummer said…
Who cares what the room looks like when you have a view like yours. Nice! I think there should be a contest for all the blogs with dress forms in their rooms. Maybe I need to get a dress form- probably. Actually, this is a great idea. I think I will. Now look what you've made me do... Thanks for sharing your room. It was so fun to visit.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for sharing your creative space. I have been seeing several of these posted on various blogs and am having the best time peeking in! Happy weekend to you, my sweet!
Karen Valentine said…
Well you are certainly a women with many talents!! Your studio is wonderful and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. There is much inspirations to be found here!
Lisa said…
Oh Laurie! I'd *love* to come craft with you! What a fun space. I could just walk around in there looking at all your pretty things for hours on end.
I love your birdsong tags! I finally finished mine and sent them off yesterday. It will be so fun to see the beautiful creations I get back. :)
Claudia said…
You have a wonderful space filled with lots of great stuff for creating. And a view of Pikes Peak, too! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Jo said…
What a beautiful creative space! Thanks for the tour.
Rebecca Nelson said…
Fabulously organized space. I love it my friend. Boy would I love to get in there and DIG!

kluless said…
Love, love, love all your treasures. You and I like many of the same things. My fingers are corssed I might get one of those beautiful tags since I, too, am in the Birdsong swap. Thank you for sharing!
Donna said…
Thanks for sharing your special place to create!!!! I could inspired just looking out your window at that view! Love your laces, vintage images and buttons, that is something I enjoy as well! I hope you get a chance to visit my craft cottage!
Unknown said…
Your supplies are so well organized and you have such a great stash to work with! You must feel happy to have such a resource at your fingertips, and feel completely inspired! *smiles* Norma
OK, first of all, why didn't you bring any $1 a bag buttons to BirdSong? LOL People want an arm and a leg for buttons around here...$10 a jar!!!! I was thrilled last week to find a jar for $8 & another jar for $4...but it's rare when I find lots of them, cheap enough for a tightwad like me. I can spend 50 cents or a dollar on 2 or 3 buttons but can't bring msyelf to drop $10 for a whole jar full. Guess it doesn't make much sense, huh?

LOVE your container storage....I need some for my closets. My house is short on character & charm but long on storage & it has huge closets in each room. If I had a bunch of those systems, I could keep all my junk in my closets. Hubby cleared it all out of the garage & moved it into an unused bedroom. But now, I want to fill the room w/ bunkbeds & my puter & he won't let me move the junk back into teh garage. :(

I am sooo taking you up on your offer to craft in your wonderful space! ;)
Oh yeah, the thingamabobber is called a receipt/ticket pick & your girl looks like a Maggie. ;)
Maggie said…
I see some great treasures stashed in your space...I want to come dig through all of your stuff. I recognize your birdtags from the flickr group...the one with the black and white earring (I think that's what it is) really makes me stop in my tracks when I see it, because it looks just like an earring my mom used to wear all the time. Ahh, nostalgia. Great space, hope you can visit mine!

The Tablescaper said…
Your space is wonderful and your view is amazing.

- The Tablescaper
Terri said…
Such a talented lady...really liked your bird tags...I don't know many who are fortunate enough to have a view like yours...inspiring! Thanks so much for the wonderful tour!!
What a view!! I knew you had pretties in your studio, but how lucky to have such pretties right outside too.
Ps- thanks for the goodies you sent along with the birdtags, it was very nice of you.
Susanne said…
Great space! So nice that you have it all together in one place. Love your muse! Also the way you organize you trims. I've seen several versions of this and that is definitely on the list for my piles of lace and trim spaghetti!
You have a great space with everything at hand while you create. And I love the view from your window.
Thanks for sharing your space and thanks for sharing your artwork; love those tags!
Unknown said…
I really love your studio. Your lace, your bling....and those tags are beautiful. Thanks for the tour!
Angela Weimer said…
What a great space and lovely view. Love all your beautiful treasures for creating and especially the lace....drooling here. Your dress form is beautiful too. She looks like a Suze to me, something about the red. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful day. Angela
Angela Weimer said…
Ooops forgot to mention congratulations on the Novel certificates on your wall of fame. Fingers crossed you will be published sometime soon. Angela
Renee said…
You have such a great view from your creative space. I love the bird song tags you were working on.
What a beautiful studio you have going out there! I love your collections of treasures and goodies! I love your stuff on etsy. I'll be checking them out later.
Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome day.

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