Quilt tops and quilt sale!

Yesterday I went to town listing a bunch of quilt tops and quilts, too, in my vintage Etsy shop!  I bought a wonderful box of six vintage quilt tops at the last auction I went to, and they are too lovely not to send them into the world!  The quilter was so talented -- her work is wonderful.  Some are completely hand-sewn and others are machine pieced.  I just had to show you all of the vintage quilt goodness:
So colorful!
Isn't the green on these fans fan-tastic?  (Sorry - couldn't resist!)
Sweet pink and blue pinwheels!  SO summery!
This is one I've had -- I ADORE the colors she used in this one and the big, bold pattern!
Look at this intricate pattern!  I think it's amazing!  What a lot of work went into it!
I adore the colors in this one, and the wonderful green print she's put in between the stars.  I think it's just beautiful!
I'm also selling this hand pieced, hand quilted pale, pale pink and white quilt that has been loved to soft cotton perfection...
this sweet little baby quilt with hand embroidery...
and, I'm going to part with this wonderful, primitive crazy quilt that is tattered and worn.
Someone took the time to put french knots on every single seam!  I used to keep this one on top of our faux stove/fireplace.

I only kept one of the quilt tops from the auction lot.  I know -- I'm so proud of myself!  I just knew it would take me years to ever get to finishing the quilts myself and they were too wonderful to sit any longer in a box or a drawer.  They will make some quilter very happy!
Here's the one I kept for myself!
 I really love the flower pot pattern!
I hope you fabric and quilt lovers enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed showing you!


Deana said…
Beautiful! The link in the first paragraph to your etsy store is invalid, though. I love the first one and the fan one. Cool!
Pallas said…
I believe the fan quilt is my favorite.
Mami Made It said…
Thanks for sharing!
Hope said…
...displaying each one is a labor of love in itself. What glory!
Tammy said…
Wow, what a find! Those are beautiful. I think I might just have to go take a peek in the Etsy shop! ;)

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