On my own

My little guy teenager is on a rafting trip at Yellowstone High Adventure Camp this whole week, river rafting, and I am at loose ends.  I had planned a writing retreat for myself, since my husband works 12 hour shifts Sun. - Wed. this week and I'm on my own.  So, Monday morning after I worked out I sat down at the computer and wrote and edited a short story.  I was finished with that by...Tuesday morning.  I spent the rest of yesterday shopping...but it was more like wandering around...picture a pool table, after you hit the little white ball...I was the little white ball...

Loose ends.

Saturday, the day Ben left, I took my husband with me to an auction.
Now, Dennis is not into antiques and he has a hard time sitting still.  But he did very well, and found the whole process very interesting!  (Translation: he was bored but not miserable.)
Do you see that long sectional sofa in front?  It is vintage, with wooden frame, and nicely upholstered with no rips, tears, etc.  It went for $80 that day.

We weren't interested in bidding on any of the furniture, but I did buy two items in the first part of the auction, and then three more box lots.
I scored this gorgeous McCoy planter for $5!  That is the minimum bid at this auction house.  It's a wonderful addition to my collection.
This brooch was also just $5.  I couldn't resist it.
I think it's just as charming on the reverse!
My pal Jenni, whose family visited from OK over 4th of July, has a dad who loves, collects, and sells antiques.  Since he knows how I love vintage sewing notions, he saves stuff for me, like the great little box of thread, above...
and these two cool items: on the right, a bird shaped seam ripper that I adore, and on the right, a little container with some sort of bobbin in it!  How fun!

I found the sweet pamphlet of embroidery stitches at an antique store we took Jenni's son to.  (He's always looking for Victrola records, as the antique-loving gene skipped a generation!)  The pamphlet came with those two packages of beautiful silk floss!
At the same store, I treated myself to this strip of photo booth photos, framed under glass.  I first saw this about six months ago at the shop, but couldn't afford its $16.95 price tag.  Then, about a month ago I saw it had gone down to $8.95, which was still too much for me so I resisted.
Over 4th of July, though, it was marked down to $4.50 -- and at that price, resistance was futile!  Do you love it as much as I do?


Suz said…
OMG. This is major league fun and inexpensive good stuff. I want the vase and I want that brooch. I cannot believe what you paid. I think I need to enter the world of auctions (I am already waiting for The Hoaders to come to my door any day. This is all sooooo wonderful, Laurie!!!
andrea creates said…
wow! you got some great things! and a mccoy for 5$ that's quite a deal :)
Angela said…
I'd love that sofa! With 4 kids, we can use all the seating we can get! :o)
Linda Sue said…
SHoot- I would totally pay 16.95 for those photos- How you resisted is well and truly beyond me!
Are you OK with Ben gone????I would be a mess.
Beth Leintz said…
You had a few days of great thrifting! Love that vintage sewing stuff- the seam ripper is darling, I've never seen one like it.
Hope said…
Loooove it all! I miss auctions....wish my teenager's were on a rafting trip!!!
Anonymous said…
What an amazing deal of that sofa! Laurie you got some wonderful deals.

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