Birdsong Tags!

Oh, I cannot tell you how much fun I had making up Birdsong Tags, which are off in the mail in the morning to Karla for the Birdsong Tagbook Swap!
There are so many people participating that I'm not worried about spoilers, for once -- so I'm going to show you all of them!
I made three different types, as I couldn't make up my mind get inspired to make just one kind.  The one thing I did that was a first for me was...sewed on the tags!  Every tag has paper and a piece of very thin, vintage taffeta-like fabric sewn on it!
Two of the tags are decorated with vintage lace and a nest I made -- plus vintage millinery flowers.
This nest is made from some stiff silvery fiber; both of the 'nest' tags are stamped with the word "dream" using a stamp that was a gift from Birdsong.
Three of the tags are a bird illustration I scanned, from a book given to me by Jeanelle; the bird is perched on a 'branch' made from some beautiful vintage wirey things I bought from Michelle Geller's shop.  Yep, I was using the good stuff!
 I added a piece of vintage bling in the shape of a leaf to every branch, and stamped it with the word "sing"!
I think this one in blue is my favorite, because of the added flower!
 Then, the third "style" of tag is lace with authentic bird scrapbook scraps:
This one has pink accents, to match the flowers on the bird in the nest scrap.
I used lace that I'd stained myself and embellishments from the Birdsong Matchbook swap.
 This one is embellished with buttons!
The back of each tag has one of my Mini Moo cards in a bird theme, as well as some shiny baubles.
I can't wait to see the tag book I end up with!


Those are about as yummy as can be!
Angela said…
Oh my, they are all so lovely! Of course, my favorite is the pink one with the roses and pink button! But really, they are all beautiful! Lucky gals!
Dee in N.H. said…
Those are ALL gorgeous!!
These are so beautiful! I love every one.
Lorraine said…
Beautiful - every single one!
andrea creates said…
these are super pretty! wow :)
Bunty said…
These are so beautiful Laurie! How I wish I had been able to participate in this lovely swap but it wasn't to be unfortunately.

Can't wait to see the book you get back.

Barbara :)
Sharon Morrison said…
I hope I get one of yours!! They are beautiful.
Suz said…
Yikes. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your tags!!!!
Anonymous said…
These are absolutely stunning, Laurie! Wow!

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