Estate sale goodies on a small scale

Today I took Ben to his new school to register him as a high school freshman! 
The picture above is a vintage cake decoration that really evokes the old-fashioned image I grew up with of high school.  I gleaned this from Nancy Drew books, and from sitcoms like Happy Days and movies like Grease.  (Of course, my own high school experience was really more along the lines of Pretty in Pink than anything else, but that's another story.)
So, check out this cute set of cake decorations -- complete with tiny plastic records!  And Coke bottles.  (I guess things haven't changed that much...if you substitute an iPod for the records and lose the little school sweater!)  It came along with these fun sets, all in a plastic bag I grabbed at an estate sale and that I finally unpacked, cleaned, and photographed for you.
Pixie picks
classic ballerinas
with some cowboys and indians thrown in...
The chief with the headdress actually evokes the short story I wrote last week!
At the same estate sale, I picked up some kitschy Christmas stuff.  You can never have too much kitschy Christmas stuff to craft with!
And I can't pass up a silver Christmas bell vintage ornament, either!
Here's another project for me: a little candle stand that will make a fabulous hat stand!
Alas -- the above broken tea cup just goes to show that you shouldn't wait too long to unwrap your treasures!


Dee in N.H. said…
Ha! I remember that stuff! I was even a huge Nancy Drew fan. The Hardy Boy's were good too!
Tami Hacker said…
Such sweet finds... I adore the little Pixies!
cute candle stand!
I love your cake decorations! I actually remember some of these like the horse and Indian.
Hope said…
Love your little finds & that we both have freshmen little guys! (don't tell them I said that!!!) Lincoln got braces last Friday so I really think he looks like a high schooler.
Jingle said…
These are such wonderful finds! I love littles like this!
kluless said…
Great finds - especially those ballerina picks!
Linda Sue said…
Awesome finds- I have sold both the teenager and one of the pixies on ETSY recently! They are an etsy hit! Great finds, you are so gifted that way!
Unknown said…
I looove this tiny stuff...I've been buying it at sales for a few years to replace the ones my mom got rid of from when I was a kid. I had that Angel and haven't seen one yet! I have a Santa and Mrs.Claus and there was a snowman made to match her. Such memories, great finds!

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