Vivacious Vintage Vera

I'm a big fan of Vera Neumann, who made a name for herself by inventing the signature scarf.  Even though she passed away several years ago, her company is going strong and keeps a cool website.  I especially like their blog and the information they publish that helps you to identify the age of her pieces -- since her career spanned decades.  I'm also hoping to find Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon wrapped up for my birthday next month!
I've been on a Vera kick since yesterday, when I took some time to update all of my listings for Vintage Vera Neumann in my shop.  This included draping the scarves onto my lovely dress form to show them at their best, lowering prices on the already listed pieces, and listing several new pieces I've been lucky enough to find lately!  I also created a shop section just for her stuff since I seem to have a collection now!
Here's one of my favorites -- the colors!  It's silk and long and so playfully Vera!
And not just scarves...
You never know what you'll find that's Vera!
Do you own any vintage Vera?  Do tell!


Terri Gordon said…
Hi Laurie, I am doing a post on my blog about my tag book and realized that I have one of your beautiful tags too! I am thrilled to get one of your beautiful tags. Thank you so much. Hugs, Terri
Beth Leintz said…
I love Vera, too- especially when it has the little lady bug- I didn't know there were Vera dishes, too.
Anonymous said…
This is so funny - I just looked at the garage sale listings and one specifically lists Vera scarves. My first thought was I wonder if they blog or ebay.

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