Antiques in Florence, Colorado

I have been wanting to go antiquing in Florence forever, and finally had the chance last week.  My husband came along for the ride -- it's about an hour south of us.
Here I am in front of the info about this "historic Colorado oil town."  If I look kinda ruffled, it's because...
it was a really hot day!
I think the reason I had heard so much about this cute little historic district in this tiny town is that they really take pride in their stores -- clean streets, amazing window displays, and we saw few dusty, dingy co op stores (although, I like those too!)
I was very impressed -- there was store after store after store to browse through, and we didn't even hit them all in the 3 hours we spent there!
You know what that means, don't you?  It means I'll have to go back!
Dennis says, "Oh, joy."
In one of the stores, Dennis was acting strange; I finally noticed he was standing in front of that washtub full of buttons -- hoping I wouldn't see it!
 They were charging $5 for a bag of buttons!  (I have an enamel tub full of buttons that I've been taking to friend's garage sales recently, and I only charge $1 a bag!)
I know you want to know what I came home with, right?
These cute little nut cups -- I'm planning to take one apart and use it as a pattern to make more!
Now, this little picture just had to come home with me.  I wondered:
Did she realize she was wearing stripes that mimicked the scary big plant behind her?
What is that scary big plant, anyway?
Wouldn't it be a great photo for one of those photo captioning contests?
Or a movie poster: The Attack of the Killer Shrub
I also got these vintage travel stickers -- the kind you put on your suitcase -- that were made and sold by Hallmark in a pack.  Look closely at the captions.
The one above is, like, my mantra.
 Fun, huh?
These are Christmas ornaments -- just all the cool old glass beads!  'Love them!
Pretty, pretty shell buckle still on the card!
I don't know if you can see it in the middle, but I grabbed that little desktop thing that you stick notes onto for my office -- I'm going to use it keep my business postage receipts on it.  What are those things called?
Also -- lots of remnants of silk ribbon-ry, and a bunch of buttons that were 25 cents for all of them -- I got them for the pretty glass ones in the front there.
Beautiful, beautiful calling cards and scrap.
I'm excited that we get to go back and see the stores we didn't make it to in a couple of months when they have their antique fair weekend -- my son will be marching and playing in his HIGH SCHOOL band the first day.  (High School is capitalized because I'm still freaking out about his being a high school two weeks...)


GardenOfDaisies said…
This town looks like my kind of place!! I would have gone gaga over that washing machine full of buttons too!! Kids grow up way too fast!! I've got one in college and one already finished with college and getting ready to move away for a job.
Pallas said…
What a fun shopping trip that must have been, and only an hour away. You found some great things as well. The plant in the photo is a type of Century Plant.
Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful coverage of our town! (course...we are the alternator/starter shop around the corner...not as much fun! But I would have enjoyed meeting you!) You are obviously a professional blogger...this was just wonderful! Beth Smith (wetter water freak...!)
Beth Leintz said…
What fun- it seems likes its getting harder and harder to find a town with a even a couple antique stores- its great that you found a town with more than you could see in one trip- and scored some treasures besides.
Tami Hacker said…
Looks like it was well worth your drive... a quaint town full of treasure hunting & a day spent with your hubby.
Good thing it was your hubby and not me as we would have been reaching for the same items... smile.
What if that washing tub had been full of 19th buttons??
If I am ever that way, we'll have to go visit Florence together. Thanks for sharing!
Ooh, I might need to know more about that town for our trip to CO next summer! Maybe we can meet up.
Ron said…
Thanks for visiting Florence and experiencing part of what a "Great Little Town" has to offer it's residents and visitors alike. When you have the time and I know that you will return, take a walk or drive down our "cool" tree lined streets, talk to the friendly residents, visit our parks and maybe jump in our swimming pool. Experience all that Florence has to offer and find out first hand why 4,000 folks have decided to call Florence home.

Ron Hinkle
Mayor Pro Tem
Tami Hacker said…
Oops.. I meant to write in my earlier comment about the buttons- what if they were 19th century buttons! - That be awesome.
Bunty said…
OMG - the size of the button bucket!! Only in America! You lucky girl.


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