The world according to Tanya

Yesterday I had the privilege to escort a little girl named Tanya to soccer camp.  Her mother is undergoing cancer treatments daily and this was one way to help.  I picked her up at her home, dropped her off at the camp for a couple of hours, and then drove her to a babysitter after her camp.
 (The photo above is *not* Tanya, but it sure does remind me of her!)
I spent quite a bit of time with Tanya in the car, and she absolutely bowled me over with her charm!  She was inquisitive, talkative, and wise beyond her years.  I thought I'd share some "Tanya-isms" with you.

As soon as she got in the car and buckled up:
Tanya: Guess what the dogs got into last night?
Me: What?
Tanya: A rabbit.  A real rabbit.

On older boys:
Tanya: So, do you have any kids?
Me: Yes, I have one son named Ben.  He's 14 and he just finished middle school.
Tanya:  Oh.  Middle School.  (Heavy sigh.)  Boys are just no fun once they get to middle school.  In elementary school they're still fun, but after they're in middle school, the fun ends.  My brother who's in middle school?  You can't even squirt him with a hose anymore.

On playing house:
Tanya: There are two kids at the house we're going to.  The little girl kind of bugs me, though.  She's only 5.  Or 6.  Or maybe 7.  Whenever I go over there, all she wants to do is play house.  And she always makes me be the mother.  And there is NOTHING that I like about mothering.

On Scouting:
Me: My son is in your brother's Scout Troop.  That's how we know you.
Tanya: I have two brothers that are Scouts.  One is a Cub and he's in a Pack.  The other one is a Scout and he's in a Troop.
Me: Are you a Girl Scout?
Tanya: No, I'm not a Scout.  I live with Scouts.

I don't know if your find these conversations as delightful as I did; I have to smile whenever I think of Tanya!


Anonymous said…
That is precious! I like the question mark at the end of "My brother who's in middle school?" I'm imagining her little voice elevated at that point even though it wasn't a question! Little girls can be so delightful!

Angela said…
Aren't they something? My 5 year old granddaughter cracks me up. They know way to much.
Lorraine said…
I love your "Tanya-isms" - they made me smile this morning.
Suz said…
Oh, Laurie, Tanya is just a gem! These could be in a book.

And can I say, "thank you" from one who knows for helping a family who has a parent undergoing cancer treatment. These things mean so very much. Takes someone like you to pick up on that.

Grateful Suz
Oh she is a funny one! And wise!
Unknown said…
What a hoot that sweet little girl is! Love it. And, your post is such a wonderful reminder to help out others!
Lisa said…
I read this the other night while playing on my iPad so I wasn't able to leave a comment. How funny ~ what a cute little girl. :)
Tammy said…
She sounds so cute! It's good when a child can hold a conversation with an adult like that. I love what she says about boys not being fun anymore when they get to middle school-hilarious!

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