Song birds...

I've been enjoying visiting all the wonderful studios where fellow bloggers make their magic, have you?
Here are some cheery Birdsong tags I made.  I guess I just can't stop creating them!
 The lacy leaf in the background of a few of them is part of stash of embellishments that I bought at the last auction I went to.
I love the color of this wired green ribbon with the leaf print; it is part of a stash that I bought years ago from a ribbon store in Sedona, AZ and have been hoarding ever since!  Use your best!
I think this one is my favorite.
Or maybe this one.
For this tag, I had to re-build the bling, whose center stone had fallen out.  That was fun!  I used a pearl and a rhinestone-covered bead that was the "setting" for it.
My son is working on some summer homework for his AP English class right now.  School starts in two weeks here!  (I know.  It's early.)  I'm about to go apply for a job.  There are slim pickins' for jobs here but I apply for as many as I can...and don't hear a single thing back from any of the places I apply.  It's very depressing.
After we finish those things, we're planning to go swimming -- yay!

It's still summer.


It's no wonder you can't stop making them - they're fabulous! Crossing my fingers for you on the job app.
kluless said…
Oh! Your tags are just beautiful! I am keeping my fingers crossed I might get one in my little tag book.
Angela said…
They are all so beautiful! Whenever I see a bird, I will always think of you! :o)
Jessica Rodarte said…
THose are so sweet!!
Bunty said…
Beautiful tags Lauire - so much detail in them!

Anonymous said…
These are so gorgeous, Laurie!
And they are even prettier in person!
Tammy said…
Your tags are beautiful! I love all the details.
Two weeks until school-yikes! We have 22 days!

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