Coming 'Round the Mountain

While our son was away on a camping adventure, we took a drive to the mountain town of Georgetown.

It's a historic mining town, nestled in the mountains. Georgetown hasn't much to recommend it, unless you enjoy quaint restaurants, antique stores, historical buildings, and, this weekend, a craft fair!

The craft fair, called AspenFest, was a complete surprise -- we had no idea it was going to be going on!

I bought this pair of handmade glass earrings, in swirls of blue and white.

I also bought my husband this hat in a Russian import store. He hasn't stopped talking about it! He loves it!

The antique stores were a big disappointment, though. First of all, of the three in town, 2 were closed, I have no idea why. And the last one was full of antique reproductions, with very few actual antiques. I bought that lovely vintage tin and 6 buttons. That was my entire vintage "haul." But, we discovered the Georgetown Candy Company, and their handmade taffy and chocolate was to. die. for.

Afterwards, we drove as much of Guanella Pass as we could; it was closed down due to impending rock slides.

Which was a real shame, as it was to be the best weekend for fall color, and the Pass is one of the best places to see it! We still saw some, though.

(I hope you're not getting tired of all my Fall Splendor posts!)


You got some spectacular photos Laurie!
barb cabot said…
It looks like such a wonderful little town. I love the earrings and the hat. you both found treasures.
Love all the pictures! Though some of the antique places were closed, it looks like you still had a great time on a gorgeous day. (No, I never get tired of your autumn photos! Love 'em!)

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