As one can tell from my blog's name, I'm a big fan of showing off trifles on any surface that can make a shelf, like the top of my cabinets in the kitchen:

I took this photo to celebrate the McCoy pot in front, the green one in the middle, which was a gift from my mother-in-law when we were in St. Louis. It was on her shelf, I admired it, and she was happy to pass it along.

A few weeks later I happened upon a tea cup "cabinet" at a very good price. So, I was able to clear off a crowded shelf of my china cabinet and put it to good use:

That pink pottery piece on top is Coors.

I thought you might also like to see part of my bumper raspberry crop:

I cut the plants WAY back this year, but they must have liked it because we literally cannot keep up with the abundance!

I used some of them to make a summer trifle, with homemade vanilla pudding, toasted almonds, and real whipped cream:

(That's the trifle, our good friends who moved (sniffle) and my husband and I, toasting friend's retirement from the AF -- which is not a trifle.)

I decided that evening that I needed some prettier glass dessert plates if I was going to make trifles in the future. Luckily, I happened upon these at the thrift shop:

So, next time I'll be all set! I also found these that same day:

One can never have too many footed dishes, can one?


I love the colors in your pottery photo at the top Laurie. So pretty.
Christine said…
The shelves above your cabinet are amazing!!! One day I'll take a picture of mine but their not quite as nice. I have been finding things in thrift and antique stores and at garage sale for many years. But the 50s pink and turqouise ice cream maker that I didn't buy haunts me to this day!!!


ps send me some of those raspberries if you can't keep up with them. I love raspberries!!!
Summer Gypsy said…
I LOVE the teacup cabinet. I collect jadeite, so green is definitely one of my kitchen favorites. I love McCoy pottery. A well kept piece costs a mint in the antique shops around here. One can only hope that the thrift store will overlook a piece now and then and underprice it~!!!
Love it when they do that, but they are getting smarter!!
You have a great weekend, Laurie!!!
2 Raven Chicks said…
That tea cup cabinet is wonderful! I love the way you've put it together!

Oooh - raspberries are so good - we have a lot of wild ones near us and I love to pick them every summer!

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