Looking In My Window

Remember the antique window I blogged about? Here's Before:

And here's After:

I have about five cuts on my poor little hands from all the wire, staples, and various other rough edges! Ouch!

I attached a piece of ironwork and two pretty glass doorknobs on the bottom...

I like it, but I don't love it, and I need to love it because it's in my line of vision on my bedroom wall when I'm laying in bed!

I'm open to suggestions!

Update: When I was out swimming laps, I got a brainstorm for how to make the window look better. The solution involved a shabby old white drawer front and the same blue paint that is on the bottom of the walls of my bedroom:

Now what do you think?


I don't have any suggestions, unfortunately, but I think it's pretty darn clever!
Sandra said…
I could not improve on it one bit. I really like it now that you put the blue on it.

Oh, my pillow arrived today!!!! I love it, love it. It is so beautiful, even prettier, than in the picture. Thank you so much for such beautiful handwork, love all the different stiches.
Summer Gypsy said…
Hi Laurie,
What a find!! I am constantly looking for a thrifty priced window. Around here, they are anything but thrifty. We have lots of artists who paint them and sell them at the farmers' markets in the Summer. I like the window better now that you turned the iron piece over. It was so clever of you to add that wire for notes! Now, since I haven't visited in FOREVER, I am off to snoop around your blog!!!!!!!!!!
Christine said…
This turned out beautiful. Isn't it funny when and where inspiration strikes sometimes!


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