Wash Your Hands!

I just learned from a friend that the first death here in Colorado from H1N1 was a woman who lived near me and was about my age. Her husband is also ill with the flu.

My friend who, like me, loves to frequent the thrift stores, told me that she was donating stuff to our favorite thrift store a few days ago and had a chilling conversation with the volunteer taking donations.

He told her that the man in the car in front of her was the widower of the woman who had just passed away. The volunteer pointed to the large pile of the deceased wife's clothing the grieving man, also ill, had just dropped off and wondered aloud if it was safe to touch. Think about it!

I know we are all careful to clean what we get from thrift stores, flea markets, and other recycled outlets. I have always kept a canister of Clorox wipes in the car and use them when I come out of any thrift store, and especially before I drink or eat.

This year, more than ever my friends, be especially vigilant!


Linda Sue said…
Yeah, thanks for the reminder Laurie, I am a slacker that way , never really think about it, a mask would be helpful as well, isn't pig flu airbourne virus?
barb cabot said…
Laurie, such a good piece of advice. Thank you.
Jenny said…
Thank you for that. I would wash any fabric, but I wouldn't think necessarily about my hands after touching other items. What a service you have done by reminding us about this! Especially since my kids just started back at school today!
Pretty Things said…
Yes, please. I have had MRSA (please Google it) four times. I've been to Johns Hopkins infectious disease center to be treated after the 3rd bout. The 2nd bout put me in the hospital for a week, and I am lucky I didn't die. I probably got it from either a gym mat at the Y or from handling money at craft shows (money is filthy).

Everyone carries the germies, but it affects certain people (like me), particularly when their immune systems are down, and washing hands, JH doctors said, is the best thing to do. They actually said that all the antibacterial things were part of the problem, as we are wiping out the good bacteria with the bad, and that solid and proper hand washing is sufficient.

I just got over my 4th MRSA bout (which was over and done with quickly thanks to JH) but it is nevertheless a sobering and tiring (and frightening) disease -- so keep washing hands and try not to get run down!
Jeanne Oliver said…
Oh my goodness. I have never thought of that...thanks for freaking me out:-)
Sandra said…
Yes, Laurie, working in a hospital, it becomes a way of life, always washing our hands and using hand sanitizer too. I am so glad you did this article. Everyone needs to be reminded over and over, this next winter and spring, it looks like it is going to be a bad one for the flu. Thank you for being on top of it !!
Angela Catirina said…
Good information! I'm a big fan of thrift stores and yard sales but I line the trunk of my car with a cheap plastic painters drop cloth to store my finds and then I always head straight for the laundry mat before any of it every comes into my house. Neurotic? Maybe. But after reading your blog I'm thinking neurotic isn't such a bad thing.
Micki said…
Thanks for the advice...you ar right, of course. In Ireland, we are getting the shots in October for the whole country. It is very frigntening.
Christine said…
That is so sad. Since I take immunosuppresants I have to be very careful and it's always a good reminder. Since I have a lot of knowledge in this forum that was given to me by the transplant nurses, I'll tell you a couple of things to do.

The antibacterial hand santizer is so much better than the wipes. It kills more germs. I keep wipes in my purse so that I can clean off the carts at the grocery store. Also, I keep a bottle of hand sanitzer in my car and use it after I go to the thrift store and other times when I think I need it. They say that you should put enough sanitizer on your hands and rub it long enough that it is able to evaporate.

One small thing about hand washing. Wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday. And don't forget to wash your thumbs. They always get forgotten. That's what they say anyway.

I don't mean to lecture you but everyone, and especially someone who has been near it like you, needs to be really careful. They just found a suspected case in one of the grade schools in the first week of school. It's all coming on way too soon. It really scares me but I'm very careful and I really don't get in crowds and stuff.

Stay safe,

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