Once Upon A Morning Dreary

When I woke up this morning, far too early for a Sunday, in my opinion, here was the sight outside my window:

That's fog outside my window, so much so that you can't see the house across the street! Fog of course always makes me think of my hometown of San Francisco, and seems drearily out of place here in Colorado, where there's no ocean and thus no foghorns moaning in the distance.


Foghorn Leghorn

No foghorns, but ATV's. My sleep was interrupted last night at 2 a.m., exactly, by kids on ATVs who like to drag race up and down our perfectly straight side street. You never get that good sleep back -- you know how that is. I tossed and turned for 45 minutes afterward.

When I came downstairs just now my eyes were assaulted by the incredible mess on my dining room table where, despite the fact that I have an office, is where I prefer to do my crafting. It is literally spilling over with scrapbooking paper, trims, and ephemera. That's because I've been working on all these tags for the last few days. Here's some you haven't seen yet:

Then, yesterday I made a few ATC's:

Different, huh? I had a lot of fun with those!

But here's the thing: when I have all the paper stuff out on the table, and I know I'm going to be making more, I can't seem to bring myself to put it all away and clean up the mess. It seems to interrupt the flow of creativity.

I may actually have to put it all away later on because I want to get back to some sewing. I thought I might make more crazy quilt pillows, but in Christmas colors -- because, by the time they're ready, it will be holiday selling time! I don't normally create many holiday-themed items, do you? I don't normally sell at craft fairs, either.

Yesterday afternoon I used the handy Picasa program to create a "movie" of our summer activities, complete with music. I've made a few now, usually of vacation times, after challenged by my son a couple of years ago when he said, "We didn't do much of anything this summer." I put a slideshow together and after he saw it he said, "Wow! We really did do a lot, didn't we?" I load it on a thumb drive and play it on our digital picture frame in the family room.

I thought of posting the summer movie here but then realized it would be redundant, as I posted about all that stuff all summer long and you've seen the photos!

Maybe that's why I'm feeling a little dreary this morning. Maybe it's not the fog, the lack of sleep, or the mess on my dining room table. Maybe it's because it's August 30 and a Sunday...and summer's just about officially gone.


Linda Sue said…
Your cards are adorable! Fog- looks like every day here- and yes, it is sad to see the summer in the rear view mirror...I am truly dreading the lonnnngggg winter, relentless rain and chill to the bone- I am too old!
Christine said…
Your tags and ATCs are beautiful!

I'm really ready for fall. We've had a hot summer and I'm ready for sweaters and cool weather!

The Fab Miss B said…
Your tags turned out so lovely! (I always have a hard time tidying up my creative messes too. I always need to spread out and really get my hands dirty to get the juices flowing.)

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