Never Too Busy For Thrifty Finds

It's going to be a busy week for me, but I must still take a few minutes to show you some of the thrift store goodness I've been finding lately:

I have several other small pieces of blue glass in this color, so I was glad to find this little basket to go alongside them on my bathroom windowsill. And, I was thrilled to finally score this little revolving rubber stamp holder! It will be perfect as a display if I ever decide to do a craft fair again; for now, I think I'm going to use it for my small ATC collection! I found these both at my favorite thrift store.

I have always wanted one of these round sewing baskets. Even though the rest of the beads are missing on top, the large, purplish round handle is in great shape! And what's more...

this one came filled with all kinds of charming crafting stuff! It was a great $2 buy at the flea market.

Here are some fun linens, including a needlepoint and some crochet and tatting. I just adore the pattern and color scheme on the strangely shaped apron!

Remember when I blogged about my Market Day? Well, I'd forgotten to post what I bought there:

Isn't this fun? It's a length of antique or vintage trim, wrapped around a piece of embellished cardboard, and then tied to a painted dowel so that it looks like a flower of sorts...

The rich ribbon in two colors makes it really sweet, don't you think?

For most of the day today, and for the next couple of days, I'll be making phone calls on behalf of my former employer; they're compiling a mailing list and I get to gather the information for them. Best of all, I get to do the work from home!

In other news, I've been to see my friend the Physical Therapist over the weekend and am now on a time-consuming regime of exercise and posture improvement. If it works, I'll be healed from my painful heel spurs in 3 months to a year. From here, it feels like a long road ahead and is pretty depressing, but I'm at the point that I'll do just about anything for some relief.

So, what are your challenges for the week?


barb cabot said…
Take care of your foot. Glad you are getting treatment for the pain. I love your treasure finds. How do you store alot of your treasures?
that's my problem,storage. Have a blessed day.
Sandy said…
What great finds! I am so sorry to hear about your health issues and pray you will find healing very soon.

Please stop my blog, I have a little treat that just might brighten your day!

Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage
Laurie said…
Barb, one of these days I'll take photos of my Container Store purchase -- we outfitted my "office" with bins and shelves galore for all of my stuff. That, and I also store stuff by season for decorating. I'll be the first to admit, though, that it's a cluttered paradise. My husband is very patient with me.
Christine said…
You always find so many great things! We don't have flea markets around here. I wish I did.

I'll be showing off my thrifty finds from my trip to Utah for Pink Saturday.

Lydia said…
Cool stuff. Love the Achilles top!

Went to an auction today w/a friend. Never even knew that it takes place every 2 weeks, and just 7 minutes away ! Scored some great finds and freebies. We had so much fun.
maryboys said…
i just adore the stamp holder - lucky you:)


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