The Wishing Years

I follow the blog of a wonderful woman named Coralie Cederna Johnson, who has A Vintage Cottage Home she shares with us. I "met" Coralie when she and I were both participants in One World, One Heart and I was lucky enough to win her giveaway.

One day this summer I was at our local flea market and spied some wonderful vintage and antique greeting card boxes that I knew Coralie collected, so I had to grab them and send them off to her. Shortly thereafter, a package arrived for me from Coralie, and in it to my delight were two of her books, The Wishing Years and A Tree Grows in Trout Creek!

Now, I knew from reading her blog that Coralie was a writer, but I didn't know she was A Writer! I hadn't realized she'd had books published!

I have already finished The Wishing Years and I have a wish of my own: that you all would read it, too. Coralie is a gifted author. What I found remarkable about her book is that she found the voice of the young girl that she was as she grew up in Michigan -- bold, curious, observant and real. She writes of a not-so-distant time past, the years following the Great Depression, including the war and the prosperous years following it, in a small town community.

The book will make you laugh. It will make you want to know her mother. It will make you yearn for summer days with your dad, building a vacation home on the lake. At least, it did me! I loved how the book was true and full of grace, without being sentimental; as a writer myself, I know how difficult a balance that is to achieve.

You can get Coralie's book here via PayPal, or by sending a check or money order to: Wildwood Press, PO Box 980616, Ypsilanti, MI 48198. You'll be so glad you did!


Oh Laurie! Thank you so much for your wonderful beautifully written review of my book The Wishing Years! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my stories and that, as a writer yourself, you approve of my "voice"! It's so fulfilling to be in touch with a kindred spirit like yourself! Thank you so much! I've said it before: "You are Awesome!" And to think we connected through the One World, One Heart program! Seems like a "meant to be" happening to me!

(By the way, the photo of me at 15 years old on the front of the book was taken by my mother. She insisted upon taking that picture and walked right into the lake to take it. My mother was quite a character. I'm so glad you got to meet her through the book!)
I'll check out the links Laurie. Ypsilanti is my hometown and 15 minutes from where I live now.
Christine said…
I just recieve "A Tree Grows in Trout Creek" from Coralie and can't wait to get started reading it! I love her blog and the stories of her childhood so I'm sure I'll love her book!

Jacilynn said…
whata great gift!Thanks for the reading tips Laurie!

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