Keeping Busy and Having Fun

Thank you everyone for the kind words about my sadness over our friends moving away. I have been feeling a lot better but, boy, was that first weekend tough! The best advice I've had to get me through the mourning is to keep busy and have fun. So, that's what I've been doing!

I thought you might like to see a bit of what I've been up to. First, there was the new idea I had for a button collage:

As you can see, I sewed different vintage and antique buttons onto a piece of antique doily fabric, and did some fancy stitching. Then, I sewed the doily onto a piece of black and white toile, and put that onto a scrapbook paper-covered clipboard.

I'm real happy with the resulting wall hanging and am not sure I can part with it to put it in my shop! I can make more, but the question is: would they sell?

Next, I made good on a threat to recover our ottoman, sort of. What I mean is, I tried to take the fabric off of it, hoping to clean it and then tack it back on, but found the staples holding the fabric were way too secure to do that.

So, my next idea was to create a slipcover that I could remove and wash whenever necessary.

Here's the before:
Here's the after:
The fabric was on sale for $12 a yard at Joann's.

I really love the results!

Finally, I've been working on another small crazy quilt pillow in similar colors to the one I made for my friend. Someone saw it, liked it, and suggested I do another.

I have the front done, and just need to add the final stitching between the blocks, back it, and stuff it! Then it's going in the shop.

What are you working on this week?


Spotted Sparrow said…
I am loving that button collage! I love the textures and stitch work. So lovely!
Jenny said…
Your projects show your versatile skills--I'm envious of that ottoman cover! Great work on all of them :)
Jingle said…
I love that wall hanging! It is gorgeous and the colors are just perfect!!!
2 Raven Chicks said…
You clever girl - I wish I could make slipcovers!

Love the wall hanging - put it in your shop - you have nothing to lose but the .20 listing fee! :D

Love the photo of your Beagle baby!
Everything you've done looks great!
You've been busy, Laurie! Oh if only I could sew! Love that button collage, and the crazy quilt and ottoman are especially nice. Nice job on all your projects!
Allidink said…
Aw you have done amazing things! I just love that button collage it's so pretty! The ottoman slip cover is so clever and looks so good! Great crazy quilt!

All the best,
Viola said…
Love all of your projects, Laurie! Great job!!!
Unknown said…
I love this button collage and the crazy quilt. Both are beautiful!
So glad you stopped by my blog to say hello today.

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