Friendship Award

This little award traveled across the pond from Ireland and the blog of Micki, called Irish Muses!

Micki, who has lived and traveled in the US, writes about her life in Dunfanaghy, Ireland, which is necessarily filled with fibre arts, quilting, and reveling in all the beauty around her. She is a sweet blogging friend that you should know. Thank you, Micki!

Irish Muses

I'm to bestow these bears onto four blogging friends you should know, und zwar:

The last lady on my list, Linda, is a special Internet friend of mine who is just getting started blogging. You should visit and encourage her! I wrote about her wonderful eBay store a while back, here. Now she has a Bonanzle store, too.

Here's just a small sample of some of her goodies:

red and white plate

childs hankie

whimsical playing cards

Also among her eBay treasures right now: an antique celluloid art deco pin, a lot of antique millinery pieces, a beautiful shaving mug, a totally unique antique wooden, crochet covered thimble....and so many more things that you just don't find anywhere else! Which is why I love her stores so much...

She also has an antique lot of buttons for sale which I'm only telling you about because I know none of you would be so cruel as to outbid me, right? (Wink!)

Don't wait too long to visit -- these will all go quickly!


Allidink said…
Thank you! You are so sweet :) Hope you're having a great day!

All the best,
Congrats on the award!! Bloggin really makes this world a much smaller place. Thanks so much for visiting my blog lately. I really like hearing from you. Be back soon.
Marie said…
Hello Laurie - congratulations on your award! And it's so sweet of you to pass one along to me. I love it!

Micki said…
Thanks for the kind words and glad that you passed it along.

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