Enjoying Karla's Cottage

I am a huge fan of Karla Nathan, who has a boutique, an Etsy shop and a friendly and delightful blog called Karla's Cottage. If you love vintage everything like me, you'll love her blog and her wares and you'll wish she was your next-door-neighbor, like I do.

I recently purchased my first package from Karla when she offered her readers a sale, and I adore every bit of it. Initially, I was going to just get this wonderful little blank "album" made from antique and vintage wallpaper:

Don't you love the details?

She included some scraps of wallpaper in the package, so that when you began to fill the blank pages you can use them to coordinate! She also left the binding "loose" so that you can fill it with heavily embellished pieces.

I've been taking the album with me to friend's houses, because I'm so in love with it, and also to show them exactly what I love (since it can be so hard to explain why old wallpaper makes me giddy!)

But while I was shopping her store I also had to buy...

...one of Karla's finished tags (it's sitting on some open pages of the album)...

...and some of her vintage millinery.

Then, to my utter and complete delight, when the package arrived she'd included these goodies! (All of them are shown against the backdrop of some of the different album pages!)

It doesn't get any better than this, does it? Karla rocks!


Anonymous said…
I'm so happy that you like your goodies! And I sure know what you mean about trying to explain the wallpaper love to non-believers!
Christine said…
I didn't read this post before I commented on the previous. Now I'll definately be ordering from Karla.

Pretty Things said…
Woah. Seriously delicious.

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