Button Heaven

You know my friend Linda who I introduced you to at the bottom of this post? WELL, I recently received my most recent purchase from her and I am in Button Heaven! Join me!

She included bonus buttons because she's so wonderful and she knew it would make me swoon:
And as if that wasn't enough, she also sent some amazingly fabulous vintage rick rack packages! And this tiny framed quilt scrap (with buttons!)The gift was the frame, which she said made her think of me! I love it when someone "gets" me!

The tiny frame now lives on the shelf above one of my bookcases.

The little frame now shares space with: a photo (taken at a Christmas party a few years ago), a Tim Gunn (from Project Runway) bobblehead (he talks: "Fab-u-lous", "Make it Work!", "Carry On"), my service award clock from my last job, some vintage books, and a cup without a saucer that's still too beautiful to throw away. Behind it all is a collage I made to honor my father's Navy years.

As Linda's buttons arrived, I was working on making new button bags for my Etsy shop:

I made some of the bags smaller with 30 buttons, a few larger, with 40 buttons, and some different, smaller mixes for scrap booking and crafting needs. I love playing with my buttons!

Most of all, I love all the wonderful friends I've met along the thrifting, selling, blogging way!


Pretty Things said…
Those are some VERY good buttons!!! I mean really -- you have some excellent finds.
What little treasures! These are beautiful. It must have been such fun to look at each one. Thanks for sharing. ; )
Great buttons!!! I love the one with the bird in the center. What a treasure!
Micki said…
The buttons are wonderful! I collect them too!
The Fab Miss B said…
Jackpot! Those are some incredible scores!
Anonymous said…
That little frame is just adorable!
Lydia said…
The buttons are great! Love the bird one, of course.

And the packaged buttons look terrific!

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