L'Amour Et Bleu

Look at this beautiful little antique print of Marie (or a pretty Marie-like lady) in its original shabby frame (no glass) that I found at our Flea Market!

I think she's lovely, whomever she is!

She's for sale right now in my vintage Etsy shop!


She's a flea market find?! Wow.
Micki said…
It's an incredible find!
She is very pretty!
Lydia said…
Thank you Laurie for your kind words about my Kippy. I was just crying, asking God to give me 5 more minutes with him on my chest, and giving him some whipped cream. Kiska came in answer to my tears.

What a fetching picture! Her colors are gorgeous. If I were you, I'd make a god copy or two to do artwork with/collaging, before selling. Unless it has a copyright on it. Looks old enough.

Your little pin keep pillows are also darling.Check out the cool fabric I found and made some things out of for a young friend, a few posts ago.Real retro like.

Enjoy what little summer that you have left. Can't believe how early your son starts school. xo la
Lydia said…
ps/correction- in the above it's..."I'd make a good copy or two..."
Spotted Sparrow said…
She is certainly pretty. What a great find.

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