Better Living Through Creating

Last night I argued with both my son and my husband. It's a rarity anymore for Dennis and I to argue; not so much with my son Ben and I, since he's 12 and already exhibiting teen aged behavior. Still, it was very upsetting and I awoke this morning feeling upset and frazzled.

The only thing I thought might make me feel better was to enjoy some craft time, which I haven't had much of this week.

So, after spending a few weeks admiring it all, I finally got around to creating some tags of my own using some of Karla's wallpaper:

Now that I look at them, you can really tell I was having "the blues", eh?!

I used lots of vintage seam binding, pages from sheet music and dictionaries, old buttons and jewelry. Most of the pieces are completely vintage!

I really enjoyed myself! I think I'll keep one or two for myself, and put the rest in my Etsy shop.

Which is your favorite?


Micki said…
The tags are so incredible! I love the lady with the flowers...just lovely!
Spotted Sparrow said…
I love the pink one too. So pretty!
Sandra said…
Laurie, Sorry you had a difficult time, but just look how creative your were today. These tags are beautiful. My favorite is the pink lady,so elegant!
Christine said…
Of course, I like the pink one best! Was that the last one you made when you started feeling a little better?

I've been meaning to order some of Karla's packages. I need to get on that.

Oooo, pretty, pretty tags. I can't decide between the bottom picture and the top. Very nice. ; )
PS I've found that creating can be the best de-stresser.
Viola said…
Oh Laurie, I don`t have a favorite! These tags look ALL fabulous! Lovely work, my dear! Have a wonderful weekend! :-)
Pretty Things said…
The tags are great -- and can I call upon you in about six years when I have to deal with that behaviour?

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