Monday, February 22, 2010

Friends, Bloggers, Shopkeepers...

Two of my dearest blogging friends have recently opened Etsy shops, and I am so happy to be among their satisfied customers!

Linda Sue is an artist, an incredibly creative and talented woman with a diverse background and history that fascinates. She's well-traveled and she takes us all along on her trips -- even if it's just a walk along the lake with her four-legged companion, Dexter. Her medium of choice these days is felting. Linda is my favorite kind of blogger: a prolific one. She is SO funny! And a heck of a great photographer, as well.

Linda Sue recently opened an Etsy shop, Gollygollygolly, and her first wares in the store are beautiful button cards she created from a friend's vintage buttons! The proceeds from the sale of her cards go towards funding a friend's trip to a family wedding. See: Linda Sue is a creative genius and a wonderfully generous friend, to boot!

Here is mine! I love the little deer almost as much as I love the buttons! And sweet Linda Sue had already sent another deer card, and extra lovely gifts along with it, to me before I ordered this one (because great minds think alike!)

I can't wait until she begins to list some of her felt creations in her shop!

Another friend, Lydia, is sharing a new Etsy shop with her talented daughter: Lydia Oh Lydia! Art. It was hard to make up my mind as I perused her shop, but I chose a decorated antique tape measure! It arrived like this:

See how she decorated the envelope (top of photo) with fashion photos -- including some really cool shoes!

The cat card was an extra gift -- and look at the cute box she altered...

When I opened that cute box, this was can see the front of the tape measure through the sheer bag...

And this is the back of the tape measure!

Then she sent along these pre-cut pieces of vintage fabric -- someone's quilt project of long ago! How fun is that? If you love the tape measure -- she has another for sale in her shop! Plus some other lovely items, including jewelry and more art!

Lydia is so on my heart right now, as she's been caring for her husband since he became seriously ill in November. He had already been battling cancer, and is finally home after a very long hospital stay, but still in very poor health. If you are a praying person, please send some up for Lydia and her family -- I know they would be appreciated.

My life has been so enriched by all of you: my wonderful, creative, blogging friends!


Sherrie said...

How sweet of you to help out your blogging friends with their shops. This is what blogging is all about, isn't it. Not so much getting the word about you out there, but rather helping friends get known. Makes for a pretty happy blogging community. I like that.

Linda Sue said...

You, Dear Laurie, are an angel, indeed- Thank you for promoting Ben's buttons and for your sharing of Lydia's shop. Wow packaging is EVERYTHING is it not? I am inspired- must go list some left over stuff from the felting sale. Thanks so much for the boost. Adore you!

Linda Sue said...

Laurie- Thanks again, girl. I spent the afternoon taking pictures and listing what few things I had time for...I looked mostly- got lost in the wonderment of ETSY- just WOWWED!Dangerous! Your shop is so beautifully done- really great style! LOVE love LOVE