The Wearin' of the Green

I was at the thrift store the other day and found this vintage print that made me laugh:

I couldn't bear to leave it behind, so I brought it home and it inspired me to do some St. Patrick's Day crafting:

First I scanned it and added it as an element of this little wall hanging.

The silly setter also ended up on one side of this tag!

I made a few hanging decorations. Don't you love that little shamrock charm?

I used to have one just like it when I was a kid!

I made several different hangings, plus three tags which I'm selling all together as a set.

They're all available now in my Etsy shop!


Diane Duda said…
What a find! I wouldn't have been able to leave him behind either.
Jingle said…
Look at you go! That pup is just too fun! I love how you were able to incorporate him into your pieces!
Regina said…
Thrift stores are a treasure hunters dream spot.
I love the PUP and what you did with it. Great job!!!

Linda Sue said…
Your eye- your put togetherness is brilliant! All of them wonderful! What a great find- that important pooch!
Jennifer said…
Laurie, could you please email me your address so I can get the fairy gifts sent off to you? You can email me at

Paula said…
Hi, Laurie! Oh, I would have never been able to leave that handsome guy behind, either! I love him! And I love all the projects into which you incorporated him. Cute, cute, cute!

Have a great weekend!
That portrait was quite a find indeed!
Unknown said…
a lot om comments went to the spam folder too...I still caught them and answered them all....OBSESSED I tell you.....
I love all your green things....Your cards and paper projects are so that a new thing for you? just cause I didnt start seeing them until lately....regardless, they are wonderful and I admire them.
We are back from Hawaii and I have the flu...yuk...on the mend now but I miss the sun and the water year we are going to a quiet island...we have already decided...Oahu has too many visitors or we will just stay totally out at the north shore.....I want to rent a beach shack or something cute.....melinda

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