Sew and Sew

I found the neatest sewing box that I thought my fellow sewing friends would enjoy seeing:

It's very sturdy, and has a great handle on one side which, along with the fact that it closes so snugly, means it's very portable!

Under the thread tray is another compartment; everything you see was included in the box.

The little bins lift up for easy access! I think that is so clever! Just imagine putting your floss and buttons and embellishments in there for your crazy quilting project!

Two of the items that came with the box were kind of interesting -- this little magnifying glass with room in the handle for needles and such...

And this little bit of old sequins that someone actually took the time to string together!

Don't you just love finding something really useful like this, in great condition, at the thrift store?

By the way, have your thrift stores been super busy lately? Mine have. A definite sign of the times.


Mami Made It said…
Great box! Thanks for sharing!
barb cabot said…
That's a great little box to be very organized with. Anything that helps keep it portable and organized is a good thing.
Cheryl said…
What a great sewing box you came across. My local thrift stores aren't so packed these days, they are having to put commmericals on the t.v. for donations!
Christine said…
What a great I find! Have fun at your crop today!!!

Unknown said…
What a wonderful find. I love all the compartments and gadgets. Fun, fun!
Sarah said…
Oh I do! I could not work out what those sequins were at first. Thanks for your visit today!
Charlene said…
What a "neat" organizer--pun intended!

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