Saturday, February 27, 2010

For the Love of Lace...and Quilts

I found an incredibly beautiful piece of lace at the thrift store the other day.  It is more than 5 feet long and consists of three different kinds of lace with inserted fine linen.

  I think this type of lace is called "filet."

It's very old, and I haven't had a chance to clean it yet. Here's what I mean by "inserted linen":

 It was only $5.99 -- because of this problem (below.)  Some would call it a cutter.

Not me!  I love this so much and wouldn't dream of cutting it up.

In other news, I have finally finished that crazy quilt I have been working on!

 For the first time ever, I decided against making it a pillow top, and instead crafted it into a mini quilt.  I put in a layer of batting, and backed it with a beautiful vintage double damask white linen napkin like I do with my pillows:

Then, I sewed vintage-but-new deep pink ribbon along the outside as a binding.
It's going to go in my Etsy shop as soon as I can get a photo of it on a small table.  It's here in my Etsy shop.

What have you been working on?


Angela said...

Oh wow! That crazy quilt wallhanging is beautiful! I love how you used ribbon for the binding, too! You are so creative!

Sherrie said...

Your details on the crazy quilt are just so beautiful. That is why I enjoy crazy quilts so much, it isn't just sewing pieces of fabric together, it is all about the embellishments. That is also why I love being one of your followers. Who doesn't like to pop in to a post and see such lovelies. Thanks.

Regina said...

I adore all the embellishments on your new quilt top...awesome job!!! Your lace find is beautiful. I love lace...have a few pieces of my grandmothers. If the torn away part is on a corner you could tie each end with a silk ribbon to make it a drape cloth for a small table. So happy I'm a follower!!!


Bunty said...

Love the lace and the crazy quilt is beautiful. I love the embroidery stitches.


Linda Sue said...

The lace is dreamy! Great find there Ms. Eagle eye! Love the patchwork, needlework little quilty thing. I never could do a feather stitch nicely- you do them all nicely! Kudos!!Very beautiful work!

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE lace! My wedding dress was covered entirely by lace.

And THANK YOU for the wonderful package that arrived today!!!!!

MsAnomaly said...

I love old quilts and lace! You're crazy quilt is beautiful. I have a very large antique crazy quilt in my living room. It has some color-fading, and some of the patches have tears, but I think it only adds to it's charm!

Malisa said...

Great find on the lace! I love that "inserted linen"! I am always on the lookout for lace items on my thrift shopping spree! You did a nice job with the crazy quilt too!

Anonymous said...

Laurie, beautiful crazy quilting job! And that lace find - oh my!! That was one to grab!! I just bought THREE bags of lace on etsy last week for $3!!! There is probably $100 worth of stuff in those bags! We did good! ;-)


Deborah said...

A beautiful crazy quilt!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Laurie: That piece of lace was a great find. I wouldn't cut it up either. I think you can repair it with another old piece of lace. Anyway, it is a keeper! Your crazy quilt pillow top is great too. You are very talented. Thank you for joining my blog, I look forward to getting to know you. Blessings, Martha

Elsina said...

I just love your quilt!! The lace in the top photo very much reminds me of curtains we had at home when I was a child and which my mom had handmade! They were huge, 2 meter long and 2 meter wide, a pair and it had taken her ages. Once she machine-washed them and they came out, totally in pieces and that was the end of it.

Thanks for visiting and your good wishes! I am still with a completely stiff neck and can't do nothing but writing a little here and there.

I am so glad I found you and your beautiful blog!

Something Special said...

Oh I am going to love your blog. you like all the same stuff I do. thanks for visiting me and commenting. I will be back really soon and will put a link to your blog on mine.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Your crazy quilt is beautiful! I have always loved the way odds and ends make up such beautiful treasures! You did a great job! My creative project this past couple of weeks was making my altered book from a falling apart copy of Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare. It was so much fun! I'll probably post it one of these days when more time but right now I'm on a mission to finally get some items posted in my Etsy Shop. When Jim went into the hospital last March, my eBay and Etsy listings became non-existent. But I'm determined to get back to work! Thanks for your visit...always a pleasure! Hugs, Coralie