Hooray for Long Weekends!

I'm excited for the long weekend. We aren't going away anywhere, but we do have many activities planned. I'm hoping to go to the Olympic Training Center tonight to score some gear to root for the US Olympic Team as the Games get underway. I think I need some of those red mittens everyone's been wearing! We also have a big event on Saturday to prepare for my son's trip this summer to the 2010 Scout Jamboree. And, we finally seem to have the time to go and buy some new tropical fish for my son's tank which has been sitting empty for about a month! Lots to do!

Oh, and we must celebrate Valentine's Day! I want to go to my favorite hole-in-the-wall downtown restaurant to celebrate. Nothing fancy -- and since my son will go with us, it won't be one of those romantic evenings in the usual sense of the word. But, since they're both the loves of my life, it will be just right. And cosy!

Here's an antique Valentine for you!

There's snow on the ground, about 4 inches, sparkling in the sunlight. It's a beautiful day! Have a great one!


Jingle said…
Gorgeous Valentine! You will have to show off your new Olympic gear!!!
Malisa said…
"I'se lonesome fru an' fru". How cute is that? Precious valentine. Have a great night with your dinner dates tonight!
Linda Sue said…
Laurie- I hope that your evening is a yummy one. Love the little fat cupid looking lonesome...so cute- LOVE you- hope your VD is contagious...
Pretty Things said…
Long weekends are great unless you've been cooped up all week with a seven year old that had no school and none of us can get out and I've had NO time alone at ALL!
So, beautiful!!
Happy Valentine's Day.
Hugs, Gayle.

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