Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling Sheepish

Friends, I don't spend too much time going through my "spam" folder on email because it typically does a bang out job for me. I rarely find that anything at all has been accidentally sent there.

But just this morning I discovered that many, many of the wonderful comments made on this blog during the last couple of weeks went there instead of to my Inbox. With all of the extra activity from One World, One Heart, I didn't notice -- until now. But I was suspicious because a couple of people told me MY email had gone to their spam folder, which is also unusual.

So, I just wanted to say, especially to the new followers but also to old friends, I have just now seen some of your friendly messages and will be responding in the next day or two. I really thought I had responded to everyone but now find it's not so!

I feel very sheepish! I don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring you. All of your comments are very special to me, sincerely.


Barbara said...

Well I'm one of you new followers and I want to say that I'm enjoying your blog.

Pretty Things said...


Spotted Sparrow said...

Can I take that little sheep home, please?

Joy said...

You wouldn't believe how much legit stuff goes to my stinkin spam folder and how much spam goes to my legit folder! I hate yahoo. If it were easy I would get a new email service but it would be just way too difficult.

Fawn @ Patina Soul said...

I'm still laughing about your comment on the little sawtooth hangers. Your cute! :)