Valentine Cheer

Here are a few Valentines I made for some of my friends. I started with vintage Valentines, mounted them on a tag, and then embellished away.

This one was for my friend Cathy, who loves sweet antique images like this little girl hanging hearts on the line. The fact that the image implied being out in the yard was perfect for Cathy, since our yards back to each other! Cathy likes bling, so I added some gold glitter glue around the edges of the big gold heart. I think the mother of pearl antique child-size buttons, the sheet music, and the embroidered lace were a nice touch. I used the fancy yellow trim at the bottom to pick up the color of the little girl's hair.

I made this for my friend Michelle. Michelle is an artist who hails from Wyoming, and has recently moved to a new home. She's switching out her decor from cottage-style romantic to western in her new place. Thus, the little cowgirl on the card I chose for her. (As an aside: can you believe the little cowgirl holding a gun on this vintage valentine?! How politically incorrect that would be in our day and age! Still, she's adorable.) I embellished with charms: a silver heart that reminded me of the western style, a gold "sheriff star", a vintage red horse charm, lace, gingham ribbon, and white rick rack.

This one was for my friend Kirsten, who moved here recently from Seattle and is passionate about her coffee. She's not into a lot of embellishment like I am, so I gave her Valentine a polka dot background plus some simple white rick rack and red crepe trim.

And, this one went out in the mail to OK to my buddy who recently moved there, Jenni. She's a great cook and baker, so the the image of the sweetie at the stove reminded me of her! I picked up the blues in the Valentine with the background paper, stamped some flourishes on it, and added some antique wallpaper pieces for interest. Fresh embroidered lace and vintage red trim finished it off.


Sherrie said…
How cute. My favorite was the little cowgirl. I have to get to work on mine, and now I have some fab ideas. Thanks.
Jingle said…
Oh, I just love these super fabulous tags! They are so fun and happy! I really love them!
Malisa said…
Very very cute! Lucky friends!
I just love all of your collage art...especially these really neat Valentines! Awesome!
Pretty Things said…
My favorite is the top one, probably because I like anything with music in it/on it!
Ana said…
Finally I'm getting back to you! You have a lovely site, cheery, colorful and creative!
I can't even tell you how much I love the teapot one. They're all uber-fab though!

p.s. Where did you get your cute little cards with your website info that you put in with your Etsy sales?
Anonymous said…
They are so cute. Reminds me of when I was in school. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Summer Gypsy said…
Hi Laurie!!! I love your Valentines! The embellishments are FAB! You put so much care into the details.

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