Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Two V's: Valentine's Day, and Vancouver!

With all the hubbub of OWOH, I didn't get to talk about how sweet my hubby was on Valentine's Day! He got me flowers in the colors that I love!

I so appreciated them because, among other things, the fuzzy pussy willows reminded me that Spring is really coming...soon...

And he splurged on some good CHOCOLATE! I know, I'm spoiled.

I got him and my other Valentine, my son, Bluetooth headsets for their phones -- fancy ones that let them listen to downloaded music on their phones, too.

And the other big event of last weekend: Vancouver! I wish I was actually taking a trip there, but since I can't right now I'm visiting it via the coverage of the Olympic Games! (It looks like a beautiful place, doesn't it?) I was fortunate enough to attend some of the Olympics back in 1984 when they were in nearby (then) Los Angeles. I actually saw Greg Louganis win his gold medal for Springboard Diving, and witnessed the medal ceremony! It was pretty special.

We really enjoy watching the Games. This year, as in times past, we visited the Olympic Training Center in nearby Colorado Springs on the day of the Opening Ceremony, just to get a little bit of that flavor, you know?

Here's one of the fantastic bronze sculptures in front of the building - this one depicts athletes doing the "Atlas" thing. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, and look at the top of the building you may be able to see the Olympic flame! It is always lit in its cauldron during the Games.

Here's my son and I just playing around with the rings in front of the building! We each bought a bit of Vancouver team wear at the store inside the Training Center -- I got a really cool training jacket in turquoise:

I actually have hardly taken the jacket off -- it's so comfortable and WARM -- it's called "Wetsuit" and is waterproof!

Did you get to see the pairs ice dancing? The short program, especially, was spectacular. I've only missed one evening of coverage so far -- last night, because I had to attend a Scout meeting -- but I plan to be glued to the TV for most of the rest of the Games! How about you?


Debby said...

Great post!! Looks like you were spoiled. Sorry to couldn't make it to Canada for the games. We would have loved to have had you.

barb cabot said...

What lovely thoughtful gifts you received and no one more deserving. Sweets for the sweet!

Barbara said...

Yep you're spoiled, I am too but that's a good thing! LOL

Sandra said...

Oh my, flowers and Godiva chocolates!! very nice, lucky you!! You are so right, Vancouver is a beautiful city, I love to visit up there, and have done so many times. On a clear day, the mountains that surround the city seem like you could touch them. It is a very fun place to visit. Love your jacket!! How fun to be able to visit the Olympic training center!