The Wonder of It All

I'm working for the next few weeks, part time, at my former employer. They had an urgent project come up and no one to do it, until they remembered little old me. Today I went in to discuss the project and ended up working for a few hours. As I was driving home 45 minutes later than I'd planned, grabbing dinner on the way, it all came rushing back to me -- the experience of being a working-outside-the-home mother, which I have been before and will surely be again. I felt pushed, rushed, exhilarated, stimulated...and tired. Kudos to everyone reading who does this daily: you are a hero, and a wonder.

I'm going to try to stay up on my blogging and blog-reading but if you see less of me while I'm working -- that will be why.

One of my favorite reads, Mary at Vintage Patina, posted recently about garage sale wonders and I'm quoting her:

"'wonders.' it means different things to different people, i've learned. i think all of these finds are husband just wonders why..." (Go check out her wonders and see what you think.)

Can't you just relate? I remember when we had a chance to go to Antiques Roadshow a couple of years ago (which was a dream of mine -- fulfilled!) and I took some stuff that my husband sure wondered about, including some old linens that a dear friend had given me.

My friend had told me that they were from around 1920 and had belonged to her cousin, who was married to a missionary and had brought them back from China. She didn't want them and was going to give them to her church for the rummage sale before she remembered my love for such things.

The Antiques Roadshow appraiser told me that the linens weren't from China at all, that they were "better." They were mostly Madeira from Portugal, and fine examples of it, and that those I'd brought with me were worth ~$1,000.

Before Antiques Roadshow, whenever my husband saw me digging through piles of linens at a tag sale, he'd say, very sarcastically, "Just what we need: another tablecloth." (He tends to call any non-clothing fabric item "a tablecloth.")

After Antiques Roadshow he never said that again!

Thank you, Antiques Roadshow!

What about you? Have family/loved ones ever wondered (aloud) about the objects of your thrifty passions?


Mike said…
Have fun working, even if it is part-time.

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Micki said…
Enjoy your part time job! Hope to still hear from you. I enjoyed all of the pics today!
Jeanne Oliver said…
What a great story!!
Jamie said…
He tends to call any non-clothing fabric item "a tablecloth." LOL!!!! That is so like a man! You are a lucky duck to have gone to the Roadshow! I never miss an episode:) What a nice surprise that must have been to find out the history of your linens. My husband just shakes his head a lot and mumbles stuff under his breath. The children hate it when I stop at trash piles and are so embarrassed. I try to scout the piles out on the way to school and wait until I drop them off because they also tattle on me later! Stinkers! But, I found a brand new, never been worn pair of Burkenstock sandals last week that are 120.00 on line. So you NEVER know! I think I can safely say they just think I am weird. LOL!! Love, Jamie
Spotted Sparrow said…
Enjoy the job! That is such a great story about Antiques Roadshow. :)

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