Mother's Day Fun

My husband always has to work on Sundays. So, this year for Mother's Day my son and I got together with two friends and their children. Both women were also husband-less for the day; one's husband is serving in Iraq, and the other is single mom. We often spend our Sundays together and it's lovely.

This Sunday we decided to have a "Mom" day and instead of centering activities around the boys (all of us have sons) we chose Mom activities! First, we went to a most scenic spot in Colorado Springs and took turns taking photos of each other with our boys. One mom thoughtfully brought roses for us each to pose with!

It was an overcast day and there was quite a bit of glare, so many of the photos came out with the boys looking squinty! But, I still love the pictures. In the photo, I'm wearing my mother's orchid brooch.

Then, we ate at a favorite deli. I had strawberry shortcake -- what a treat!

Next, we drove to my favorite antique store in a nearby town and looked around; I bought a few trinkets such as swap items for that swap I'm participating in, and this little altered bird for myself:
It's double sided; isn't it sweet?

The bird's standing in front of (on the left) another antique find from a few days ago: a huge antique bowl with hand painted green, purple and yellow floral details and (on the right) the flowers my husband and son gifted me for Mother's Day.

After that, we stopped by the mall and each of us moms bought a pair of comfortable sandals. (Note: I took the sandals with me to the podiatrist and she was very approving of them.)

And then we ate again! It was a great Mother's Day! How was yours?


Summer Gypsy said…
You had my kind of Mother's Day!! My daughter and her family could not be here this we are celebrating this upcoming weekend!!! First Mother's Day without her here for a, it was spent a lot like yours...out to eat and a bit of shopping. That strawberry shortcake sure sounds like a winner!!! I love the birdie!!!
Happy Tuesday!
Jingle said…
I really love that bird! Your comment on my post today made me laugh a little! LOL! At least, the part about venting! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!
Micki said…
I loved the way you celebrated Mother's Day. How much fun that must have been!
Spotted Sparrow said…
It sounds like you had a lovely day! I love that little bird - so sweet.
What a great photo and lovely Mother's Day you had. That little altered bird is fantastic!
Joanne Huffman said…
It sounds like a perfect Mother's Day. And I love the photo.


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