Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thrifty Vintage Finds and Me, Changing My Mind

I had to go downtown to visit the foot doctor today and afterwards I stopped by a favorite thrift store that I don't get a chance to visit very often.

I found nothing. And so I felt a little bummed out. But then I remembered all the thrifty vintage finds I'd gathered from the new thrift store that opened up in my town, which is much too conveniently close for my pocketbook's sake to other shops I frequent:

I'm so happy with all of these purchases, and they were incredibly inexpensive, too! I mean, thrifty!

There, I feel better now!

In other news: I changed my mind about keeping it and I've just listed this crazy quilt pillow in my Etsy shop!

Speaking of changing my mind: if you're a regular reader I want to apologize for my frequent changing of blog style, background, and color lately. I have not been able to settle or make up my mind which look I like best! It's almost comical how I can't make up my mind!

I do like the current look and header with the little bird; what do you think? Is it easy on the eye?


Summer Gypsy said...

So cute and so vintage!!! I am a copycat...I followed your link to the Vintage Swap that you're in...I joined!!! I loooooveeeeee vintage swaps. They're the best! Now I'm going to hop over to your Etsy shop. I had 2 hours to just cruise the sites this morning...HEAVEN!!

Spotted Sparrow said...

I love the current layout - the corsets, the bird, the bows - so vintage and pretty! It fits your style and shop very well.