A Little Bird Has Come to Visit

I sewed a new Roman curtain for window on the door to my garden using this Waverly fabric:

It's called "18th Century Heirloom Documents" and I absolutely love it! It inspired me to make two pillows while I was at it!

I trimmed each one with a beautiful antique linen trim that I ran vintage velvet ribbon through, and some of my antique buttons.

These will be for sale in my Etsy shop, Twice Shy Restored (which I'm sad to say has yet to make a sale, but I never give up!)


Anonymous said…
I just love birds!!! Your fabric and the pillows you made with it is gorgeous!! Love the accents of the button and strip of lace.

How very lovely!
Summer Gypsy said…
Exquisite, Laurie!!! Absolutely exquisite!!! I love these pillows!!! I have to get to your Etsy shop soon! Have a great weekend!
Unknown said…
they are beautiful!!!!!
Viola said…
Fabulous pieces! Great job!!!

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