My First ATC's

I made three Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) this week:

The first one I completed was the blue themed card; everything on it is vintage or antique with the exception of the tiny silver bead inside the larger blue flower bead.

Next I made the red, white an blue card with some of my favorite tablecloth fabric. It's completely vintage with the same bead exception.

Finally I made the pink bird ATC - this one has mostly new fabrics and findings, with a couple of vintage elements.
I found it took me about as long to work in small scale as it normally does to do larger pieces, but maybe that's because I'm new at it.

Or, maybe I'm just slow.

I had fun, and am going to be gifting these. What do you do with your ATC's? Sell them, keep them, trade them...?


Wow! These are impressive. I haven't tried doing any yet...but I'm interested and am thinking about it. I guess that's my question too...just WHAT does one do with them? ; )
They're gorgeous Laurie!

I do a lot of ATC swaps on
Christine said…
Your ATCs are lovely. I've only made one, last week, and it's not good enough to do anything with!!!

Anonymous said…

Those are so lovely. I especially love the blue is gorgeous!!! You do such beautiful work!

I've never tried my hand with ATC cards but you sure have done a great job.

Spotted Sparrow said…
Laurie, these are gorgeous!
Charlene said…
Off topic--I recieved a couple of blog awards, and have included you in my list of "Delightful Dozen" blogs I think are award worthy.

I've only recently begun to collect a few older items that I find at flea markets and thrift stores. I love to see your beautiful things.
Lydia said…
These are great Laurie! Aren't you supposed to just trade or gift the ATC's, but can sell the ACEO's?

I was gifted a couple, but so far have not traded.

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