Spring has hit the Rockies! The last few days have been in the high 70's and '80's -- finally! Cookout weather! And, my front flower garden is alive and purple, with lilacs and the last of the gorgeous tulips.

I thought I'd better go ahead and post these photos of Pikes Peak. The first photo isn't great quality as I took it with my phone, just to capture how the mountain was almost invisible with the mist in front of it, 'though it was a sunny, pretty day where I was below.

The second photo gives you a good view of how it looked with snow still on it just a few days ago. I think this is the last snow-capped view, because the snow is quickly melting away and will surely be gone after the heat we have had for the last few days!


Spotted Sparrow said…
Wow, it must be great to see that scenery everyday.
Lydia said…
Beautiful views! Lucky you:D

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